View Full Version : Barbara: Spring 2011 at Reitmans

M. Lopez
30th January 2011, 12:12
Reitmans has just unveiled a host of "new arrivals" for 2011. I don't know if this constitutes the company's actual spring campaign, but it's always a pleasure to see many new images of Barbara Brickner.

She appears on the cover page, in this pretty outfit:


She also dominates many of the Reitmans site's landing pages. The image on the right indicates her womanly hips.


Her figure is even better indicated by this closer view.


The green top shows off her buxom curves.


Very nice embroidered pattern in the sweater on the left. Full-figured women always look lovely in white, any time of the year.


A triptych of playful sleepwear images.


Loveliest of all, I think, is the picture on the "accessories" landing page, with Barbara adopting a coy smile.


As a bonus, I found this picture where Barbara stands alongside a pair of minus-size models. I find the image very revealing. Whereas the plus-size model looks like an actual woman, curvy and shapely and beautifully proportioned, the other two beings look like emaciated stick figures, all harsh angles and lines. The outfit looks so much better on Barbara than it does on these anorexics, that I can't fathom why any company would use straight-size models at all - for any purpose. The plus-size model better presents the clothing for everyone.


I'm glad that Reitmans is continuing to feature Barbara in its advertising. I just wish that the company would stop shooting in a bare studio, which seems so cold and utilitarian, and instead shoot outdoors in a luscious natural setting.


9th March 2011, 17:05
Reitmans has now issued a spring flyer features many gorgeous images of Mrs. Brickner.


She also commands the plus-size landing-page montage. Very alluring expression. Nice styling too.


The open jacket, clasped only by a belt,suggests that the model's curves are too generous for it to close - a seductive touch.