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8th February 2011, 05:44
Lane Bryant may have become jealous of all of the great press that Ashley Stewart was getting from using Kailee O'Sullivan this season, because Kailee now appears in a number of brand-new images on the Lane Bryant site.

Thee of the items are sleepwear, and while they're more demure than the lingerie offerings at Ashley Stewart, they look gorgeous on Kailee.

Here's the prettiest. She looks so voluptuous in this item. Her skin tone is very fair, which, as in her A.S. pictures, makes her intimate-apparel photos very sensual, because it gives her a delicate, vulnerable look.

Floral print chemise


A close-up. I love Kailee's thoughtful expression.



This image is also very beautiful. Kailee is alluringly buxom, but in a very natural way. Her figure is visible soft and has a certain heaviness and weight, not like the synthetic, immobile bodies of plastic-deformed models.

Floral print cami doll


Lane Bryant airbrushes a bit more than Ashley Stewart does, but with her youth, Kailee doesn't need it. Her skin is flawless as is. And she does have that natural softness about her.



Kailee's smile is so adorable in this picture. I miss her longer tresses, though. I wish she would grow out her hair again. The extra length adds so much to her look.

Smocked short sleeve tee



This is Kailee's most gorgeous pose, a way she has of positioning her body to show off her luscious curves to best effect. Like Kelsey Olson, she has a beautiful way of posing to display contours rather than angles, to create rounded shapes with her physique rather than lines and edges. I love the joy in her facial expression, which seems to say to the viewer, "I love my body."

Dolman band bottom blouse



I find it interesting how Kailee tried out different expressions for these images. For Ashley Stewart, she adopted more soulful, emotional, and passionate looks, whereas for Lane Bryant she took on a gentler persona. Just as alluring, though - with that bewitching gesture of running her fingers through her hair.

Scribbled floral twist neck tunic



Kailee is having an amazing season - and with good reason. She is breathtakingly gorgeous. Bravo to Lane Bryant for enlisting her services. She makes everything that she wears look as desirable as she is.

26th February 2011, 21:26
Lane Bryant has now released several more images of Kailee modelling the company's newest items, and the first picture may be the prettiest that she has yet created for this label.

It's called a "Folded ruffle tank top," and the name if this colour (and a lovely name it is) is "Raspberry Rose."



Isn't that the prettiest colour on Kailee? And she really looks curvy in this top, with womanly hips and a generous bust. I also love her soft, gentle expression. Here's a close-up.


The top also comes in black, and for this colour, Kailee adopted a very different expression, going for passion and drama as only she can. How fitting that for the candy colour, she took on such a sweet expression, while for black she evoked so much intensity. Gosh, she is so gorgeous.


Isn't this the prettiest picture? This is Miss O'Sullivan in a different tank top, which is listed in the Cacique sleepwear section. In this outfit, Kailee is more irresistible than any other model would be in even the skimpiest lingerie. It's a very wholesome kind of sexiness, a whole lot of innocence and a touch of sass. And just look at how fair her skin colour is, truly "as white as snow." Breathtaking.



I can't resist posting a close-up of her doll-like face, with just a hint of mischief in her eyes. Although I wish Kailee would grow out her tresses, I love the way that her hair curls at her bare shoulders.


This item is a bit simpler. It's called a "lace pocket tank top," which just goes to show that even the tiniest bit of lace can add a nice touch to any item. Very sincere look in Kailee's eyes, and a touch of vulnerability. Such a perfectly round face.



For this "abstract print tunic," I elected to show a close up, because I adore her strawberry-blonde hair colour and the heavy, romantic half-uncurled waves of her tresses. Also, it's a very warm, open-hearted smile.



And finally, here's a butterfly tee. Butterflies are such pretty, girlish things, so seeing Kailee in a top with this motif is very fitting.



Enchanting expression too, a sort of bemused, looking-away glance. Her every pose is original and interesting.


Lane Bryant was so right in featuring Kailee in its new promos. She shows off these items so well that there's no question that she should have walked in the company's recent Las Vegas runway event, where she would have stolen the show.

25th March 2011, 08:26
All of Kailee's images for Lane Bryant have been enchanting studies in softness. I've discovered four more pictures of Miss O'Sullivan at the LB site, and each of the photos is adorable.

She looks so innocent and vulnerable here.

Burnout foil drape neck tee


Her features are so delicate, even though she also has a sensually round face with a touch of weight in it, which gives it that Victorian doll-like beauty that everyone adores. The frost-pink lipstick is the most attractive lip colour ever devised, a pure girlish delight.



Something about the way that she looks at the camera, so sweetly and girlishly, makes you want to cherish her and protect her.

Short sleeve floral French tee


The hair flowing gently to the side is enchanting. You can't help but want to touch it. It flows in such a loose and natural manner.



Another of her unique, doe-eyed, open-hearted expressions. She always appears so sincere, without a trace of guile, like she's pouring out her soul to the viewer, trusting him completely.

Embellished sublimation tee


Here, her hair is more carefully coiffed, exhibiting more Victorian elegance. The parted mouth is a sensual touch.



The last item isn't as pretty as the others, but it still produces a beautiful Kailee close-up. She skews her gaze, as if to correspond to the chaotic pattern of the shirt.

Floral sublimation tee



What a Victorian angel she is, living in the present day and age. And she knows exactly which poses and expressions to adopt to bring out her timeless beauty - gentle, vulnerable, innocent, open-hearted, sincere; every characteristic of the ideal of femininity that lives in the human heart.