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11th February 2011, 20:33
A new article absolutely trashes the diet-starvation industry's glaring conflicts of interest.


The language is deplorable, but the facts are incontrovertible and appalling: all weight research worldwide is completely compromised and invalidated by the fact that the researches are all in the pay of the diet industry.

Basically, these people are paid to manufacture a weight "epidemic" (which doesn't exist) and to find new ways of ruining women's health, for profit, by peddling starvation products.

Some passages:

Ninety-five per cent [95%!] of ob***** research is funded by private industry including Big Pharma. Corporations not only fund research, but entire university departments, charities, and educational programs as well. Seeing corporations jumping into bed with public health initiatives should raise suspicion. It is essentially putting the wolf in charge of the sheep.

Then there was the 2010 Inaugural Ob***** Summit (IOS) in Sydney, where professor after professor declared ‘conflicts of interest’ prior to presenting their research. As if somehow these confessions should exonerate them from the fact that their research was funded by Ob***** Fat Cats International.

Reductil has since been banned due to over 200 adverse effects, including the death of an otherwise healthy 19-year-old girl. Diet pills have a long history of causing cardiac problems, yet it seems the same corporations that are forced to cancel their brands, continue to roll out new ones.

Ob***** is a multi-billion dollar industry, with some health practitioners now referring to it as “Ob***** Inc”. The situation is only getting worse.

The reality is that ob***** research is riddled with conflicts of interest.

Dieting for weight loss puts people at increased risk of disordered eating,

Ob***** “experts” like to make many claims... Do they seriously believe that putting aspartame - a chemical previously listed by The Pentagon as a biochemical warfare agent - into one’s body is healthier than real sugar? Although approved by the FDA, it is useful to bear in mind that a 2006 study found that at least 1 in 3 FDA panel members hold financial conflicts of interest.

Eating disorders charities are reporting that rates of disordered eating and unhealthy weight loss approaches are becoming normative in young people.

It’s time for this hysteria towards ob***** to end. We don’t actually know what is a “healthy weight” for any individual. Even if Body Mass Index (BMI) was not tainted by corporate funding, it would still only exist as a population measure.
Countless articles have been posted on this forum that demonstrate that diet-starvation and exercise-torture are unhealthy and sometimes even fatal for women, while being full-figured is healthier and preserves youth.

The propaganda that pushes women to sentence themselves to food deprivation is all paid for by corporations who garner profit from making women feel bad about themselves.

This madness must stop. Now.

M. Lopez
4th May 2011, 07:33
The grim irony is that the diet profiteers brainwash people into starving themselves supposedly for "health," whereas in fact food deprivation is counter-productive and severely harmful to the body.

The following article suffers from the usual mixed messages, but it neatly sums up the terrible physical consequences of self-imposed starvation.


The most significant excerpts:

The Myth of Low-Calorie Dieting for Weight Loss Exposed

The very fundamentals of low-calorie dieting are downright wrong.

This kind of twisted reality - a world where we desire starvation to maintain a "healthy" weight - is contributing to modern disease and misery.

The World Health Organization declared that starvation begins to occur under 2,100 calories per day, a number far more than most dieters assume they need. While we work so tirelessly to end starvation in third-world countries, in Western society we are starving ourselves on purpose.

When you are eating less than you need, your body perceives it as a signal of starvation. It is a simple, biological fact.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of activities performed in your body at any given time - it needs fuel to perform these functions. If your body is not receiving the materials it needs from your diet, then it has no choice but to take from its only other source - itself. Your body will draw from your bones, muscle tissue and organ tissue. You may lose some f**, but it will be at the sacrifice of vital living tissues. This is not a good state to be in, so your body slows down your metabolism to prevent its own destruction. After all, your body has one natural instinct - to survive.

Many people who have been on low-calorie diets experience side effects like fatigue, depression, hair loss, dry skin, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, irregular menstrual cycles and a lack of interest in sex. Over time symptoms worsen and the body weakens until illnesses and allergies become frequent, and eventually degenerative diseases are more likely to occur. This deterioration may be fast or slow, depending on how extreme your diet is.

The body feels the effects of starvation even more, and fights back. At this point it often feels like your body is working against you - and you're right. It's fighting you with everything it has.
That women have been brainwashed into starving themselves, destroying their health, just so they will look scrawnier and older, is utterly insane. Paying to ruin one's own health and looks - paying for your own torture - paying to shorten your own life: It's incomprehensible that the media and the diet profiteers manage to dupe any woman into doing this to herself.

Rather, if women were to wake up and realize how they have been manipulated, they could happily eat whatever they want, be healthier, and look younger and more beautiful. They could also enjoy food guilt-free (because that, after all, is what nature intended). It's a win-win scenario.