View Full Version : Kelsey on the LucieLu cover

M. Lopez
3rd March 2011, 01:18
I happened to drop by the LucieLu site today and noticed that Kelsey Olson (my favourite plus-size model of all) is on the cover page. And a beautiful picture it is.


Seeing Kelsey's lovely visage always gives me a lift.

Plus, it reminds me that last year's campaign for LucieLu, by Kelsey, was one of the most beautiful promotions of the year.


It yielded exciting photos like this,


and graceful, sensual photos like this.


I hope that Lucie will bring back Miss Olson for another shoot someday, although I recognize that photoshoots are expensive. It's just not the same seeing her outfits without viewing them on Kelsey's gorgeous figure.