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16th March 2011, 09:39
How wonderful to see that Ashley Stewart has brought back Kailee for another spring shoot. You can tell that the company recognizes how much beauty she brings, for Kailee currently appears on the Ashley Stewart cover page. Hers is the main image, the one that always comes up first, in the three-part cover rotation. I've narrowed it to make it fit the forum here,


but you can see it full width at the Ashley Stewart site:


That same dress picture appeared in an e-flyer that I received from AS yesterday:

But even more exciting is the flyer image with Kailee which I received earlier today. WOW. So gorgeous. This photo really accentuates the roundness of her facial features, the doll-like beauty that she possesses, accentuated by the mass of auburn curls, and of course, that vulnerable expression.

How wonderful to see that Kailee remains fair-skinned, as the first product images show. I really like this top because it displays the shoulders, and the azure colour suits Kailee very well. Something about the crinkled fabric and the neckline from the reverse view makes me think of Victorian dresses. Kailee's gorgeously haughty, aristocratic look in the left-hand photo certainly aids in that impression.

Off The Shoulder Smocked Blouse

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023500-ASI-327_fadedazure_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023500-ASI-327_fadedazure_back

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023500-ASI-327_nautinavy_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023500-ASI-327_nautinavy_front


In the following look, Kailee reminds me of Erika Christensen. I love her gesture of playing with her tresses. This top, with this cut at the neck and bust, is extremely alluring on a buxom figure like hers.

Sleeveless Twist Neck Sweater

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-024010-KL100330D_waterworld_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-024010-KL100330D_waterworld_back

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-024010-KL100330D_turkishtowel_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-024010-KL100330D_turkishtowel_back


These prints are a bit strong for me, but some people like the bold geometrics. No matter what, Kailee certainly knows how to make them look as good as they possibly can look. I always admire her body-curving poses, such as the one on the left.

Printed Kimono Sleeve Blouse
Scroll Print Pleated Blouse

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000653-82803068_black_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021538-W26357GP-7181_sweetplum_front


Here's Ashley Stewart's linen look, and some earth tones. I notice that Kailee's hair has a touch more fire in it than it did in the last shoot. She is ever the chameleon, always subtly altering her hair colour. The hue works well with the colours in this AS collection and in this slightly warmer lighting.

Linen Roll Tab Sleeve Shirt
Short Sleeve Zip Front Jacket

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000653-57-803-076_olive_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000920-79200_incense_front


The next two photos are holdovers from the previous shoot that Kailee did for Ashley Stewart, but were only released later. I have to include them because her expressions are so intriguing. In the left-hand picture, Kailee looks petulant- the adorable look of a spoiled little girl. The image on the right shows an almost fearful gaze.

Solid Reversible Tank
Short Sleeve Pleather Bolero

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021538-W26143SC_incense_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000196-JKL-9774X_ivory_front


Ashley Stewart is now offering more dresses. And oh, in what lively colours. The rose-coloured hue on the left looks so good on Kailee. And being both sleeveless and a wrap design, it suits her voluptuous body very well. I'm not a fan of such long lengths, though, so the item on the right is better in that regard. This too is a very feminine, girlish colour, perfect for Kailee, and I love how she sways in the dress to give it motion. Her face and arms look very attractive in the picture on the right.

Sleeveless Gold Charm Surplice Dress
Solid Georgette Dress

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025231-9331XXX_roseofsharon_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000671-L610301_lavenderfield_front


Here's the dress that appears on the AS cover page. And I don't know why this jumpsuit is included in the site's dress section, but there you go. It displays a sensual expanse of Kailee's bare back.

Surplus Maxi Dress
Sleeveless Triple Ruffle Jumpsuit

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025231-9331XX_javajunkie_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025231-9406_black_back


I recently discovered a "sport" section on the AS site, and I simply had to include these photos. Amazingly, for such a casual item, these may be Kailee's most passionate expressions of all in any Ashley Stewart pics. She looks so dreamlike and romantic in the photo on the left, just like a Botticelli Venus. And in the picture on the right, she's simply adorable.

Long Sleeve Grommet Hoodie

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000703-JK16005X_black_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000703-JK16005X_heathergrey_front


Finally, here's something new at Ashley Stewart- sunglasses. I have to admit, I love these photos because they show headshots of Kailee's pretty face, with her soft, round cheeks. Very beautiful gesture in the left-hand image, with how she's clutching her tresses.

Metal Shield Aviator Sunglasses
Rhinestone Teardrop Sunglasses

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021998-CHERRY_black_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021998-TEARDROP_black_front


Another stunning campaign from Kailee and Ashley Stewart. This model/client pairing always produces magic.

24th March 2011, 07:58
Kailee also appears in two of the Ashley Stewart landing-page banners,



and pretty as a picture in a peach-coloured linen ensemble:



Looking through all of her Ashley Stewart images, I am impressed once again by her posing style. In many pictures, she finds a curve-accentuating way of posing that's unique and truly beautiful. All plus-size models could take tips from Kailee on posing technique, and on the emotion that she puts into her facial expressions.

M. Lopez
29th March 2011, 06:05
I gathered a number of links to more of Kailee's images the other day, but amazingly, a couple of these items have already vanished. I don't know if they'll be brought back or not, but most of these are still active.

Several of Kailee's Lane Bryant pictures show that she looks very pretty in lavender. This Ashley Stewart tube top is another example example. The top attractively embraces her buxom curves. Tube tops are perfect fashion choices for curvy girls, especially when the tops have stylish designs, like this, which makes them a bit dressier than the standard monochrome tube tops. The bare back is a beautiful feature. Very doll-like expression from Kailee. And although she is slim, her arm looks appealingly rounded, and she shows a lovely dimple at her elbow.

Sublimation Rose Tube Top

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000230-99960_sweetplum_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000230-99960_sweetplum_back


I also adore her expression in this photo, which is a unique sort of bemused smile from her, different than anything I've seen her try before.

Crochet Fringe Poncho



Kailee's auburn tresses stand out vividly against this green colour. And in the left photograph, you can see a touch of sensual weight in her face. (How I wish her figure were a bit fuller too, though.)

V-neck Flutter Top

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000859-9729X_nautinavy_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000859-9729X_kiwi_front


Another lavender item that highlights the lovely fairness of her skin tone. Her facial features look so soft and fleshy in the left image, just like a Victorian doll. The perfect fit of the top defines her voluptuous curves.

Basic Camisole

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19150X-03A_lavenderfield_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19150X-03A_lavenderfield_back


This may be the most sunlit yellow-gold colour I've ever seen in fabric. Kailee truly glows in it. "Sunshine" I would call her if I saw her in this item, both for her sunny top and her smiling face.

Beaded Sleeveless Tank

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19728X_aspengold_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19728X_aspengold_front

When I collected the links, the top also came in pink, as you can see below. The pink image is one of Kailee's all-time prettiest for Ashley Stewart. She truly looks adorable in this colour, and smiling this way shows the beauty of her face even more than usual. However, at the moment, the link to the pink variant has disappeared. Maybe that's just temporary.



I'm sure that Kailee fans will love the next product image. Showing off earrings creates an opportunity for a photo that comes as close as a camera possibly can to Kailee's pretty face. If you click the "enlarge" button on the product page, the image opens up full screen, and it really feels like you're standing not two steps away from Kailee.

Natural Turquoise Cluster Earrings



Finally, here's a lovely dress for which I collected the link just a day ago, but the product page has suddenly vanished. Pity, because although I'm not fond of this length, I love the wide-open back style. With the ruffles, the dress from the back looks like a flower opening, and Kailee's fair physique is the beauty inside.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021500-405X_waterworld_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021500-405X_waterworld_back


If she were fuller-figured, she could be the most exciting of all plus-size models. Even as it is, she is very attractive, with a graceful posing style and shapely curves.

2nd April 2011, 11:31
Kailee looks more beautiful than ever in these images, the newest at the Ashley Stewart site. Her figure looks just a tad fuller, and in a wonderfully size-positive touch, Ashley Stewart celebrated the soft curves along her back. Her expression in the grey photo is so adorable, an earnest, wide-eyed glance that is so sincere. And no one else dresses Kailee's hair as beautiful as Ashley Stewart.

This camisole is an extremely curve-flattering item, as Kailee shows.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19150X-03A_sweetplum_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19150X-03A_lightpastelgrey_front


But for pure, adorable prettiness, nothing can match the sight of Kailee in pink. She looks so sweet in the right-hand picture, and there's just a touch of fullness in that round, lovely face.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-007992-7936X_kiwi_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-007992-7936X_turkishtowel_front


Her beauty makes the heart ache.

11th April 2011, 15:24
Such lovely photos all around. And now Ashley Stewart has placed Kailee back on the site's home page, as the second picture in the three-image rotating cover. I've scaled it down for the forum. The gesture of playing with her tresses is always the most adorably coquettish of looks.


In full width, at the AS site.


Two of the sleep sets feature Kailee in pink, which is such an enchanting colour on her. The frills and rosettes add to the femininity. The first of the two is very sensual, as it displays her bare back.

Rosette Tank Sleepwear Set

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025190-AS301P_molokini_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025190-AS301P_molokini_back

Rosette Neckline Sleepwear Set

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025190-AS304P_molokini_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025190-AS304P_molokini_back

Two sleepwear sets in black:

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025190-AS301K_black_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025190-AS304K_black_front


I like the lacy design at the bust, which is very attractive on a model as buxom as Kailee.

Lace Camisole Sleepwear Set



I'm not a fan of stripes, but I adore Kailee's doll-like, surprised expression in the left photo.

Stripe Linen Jacket

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021780-NC3429_blackwhite_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021780-NC3429_blackwhite_back


Kailee is such an adorable princess. Her work is always a pleasure to view.

13th April 2011, 06:34
As Ashley Stewart adds them, I can't help but include new pieces in this thread, as an ongoing presentation of Kailee's beauty.

This tube dress has a beautiful design at the bust, very flattering on a voluptuous figure. Believe it or not, Ashley Stewart calls the orange colour below the yellow "juicy peach." I think the company had Kailee herself in mind!

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19767X_aspengold_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19767X_aspengold_front


In some of the dresses, Kailee does look a bit thin, though. I still wish she were a tad fuller-figured. Here are two of the better instances. I like this yellow colour, and I also admire the wrap design of the dress on the right.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023162-2240S_aspengold_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-007992-9014XX_passionpink_front


This is the prettiest of the new pictures - a closer view of Kailee which shows her adorable face. The left picture indicates a more sensual way to wear the top: with the neckline pulled down a bit off the shoulders. I like Kailee's gaze in that photo too.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021818-ON64000124_molokini_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021818-ON64000124_molokini_front


These prints are a bit wild, but Kailee makes them look pretty. In the left photo, I love how Ashley Stewart lights her face, and her complexion looks very fair.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021538-W26462YPX-6735X_waterworld_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021538-W26462YPX-6735X_orangepulp_front


Simple tops, but very pretty photos of Kailee, which makes them worth a notice.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000859-9420-05A_ferngreen_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000859-9420-05A_classicblue_front


I especially like the beseeching look in her eyes in the left-hand picture. But of course, every photo of this model is stunning.

15th April 2011, 05:24
I'm sort of hooked on the Ashley Stewart site. I check it every few days to see if any new images of Kailee have come up. And since I know that everyone here loves peasant tops, they'll enjoy these images of Kailee modelling one, in three different colours.

I love the off-the-shoulder manner of wearing these tops, which is a way to be very, very sensual, yet still quite modest. Kailee's pose and expression in the pink peasant top as seen from the back is adorable. I also love the image in white, because white is, after all, the true colour of peasant blouses, and in white, the lovely fairness of Kailee's complexion stands out. She's almost as fair as the snowy colour of her blouse.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19738X_molokini_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19738X_molokini_front
http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19738X_kiwi_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19738X_turkishtowel_front


But for zesty colours, these two complement each other very well. I love the sunlit/citrus yellow/gold on the left, and of course, as others has said, pink is a perfect colour on Kailee, as it's so girlish. With the two hues side-by-side like this, Kailee looks as delicious as two flavours of ice cream.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000730-886455X_orangepulp_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000730-886455X_molokini_front


I like the fact that Kailee doesn't just shoot straightforward back shots, but turns her head to the side and does something creative for those photos. In this case, she looks pensive, in a way that I've never seen her appear before. The right-hand picture is very attractive because it shows a bit of fullness in Kailee's pretty face.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-K4299XF3224_kiwi_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-K4299XF3224_kiwi_front


One more new item for good measure:



Kailee's spring campaign for Ashley Stewart is the gift that keeps on giving...

17th April 2011, 18:32
Needless to say, I have to share the gorgeous new ad that Ashley Stewart delivered yesterday. This picture was adorable even at a small size; when seen in a large close-up, it's even more stunning. Kailee looks so soft and delicate here, and the romantic gesture of touching her hair always melts the heart.


20th April 2011, 00:55
The latest batch of pictures from Ashley Stewart show Kailee in a host of outlandish prints - some pretty, some less so. I'll get to those in a moment, but first, here's a jacket that comes in white and in black. I love the way in which Kailee's hair flows over her shoulder in the right-hand picture.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000920-79194_turkishtile_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000920-79194_black_front


Ashley Stewart also offers a new denim vest. I wouldn't have thought that something like this would be all that appealing, but it closely embraces Kailee's body, so it accentuates her curves. Very dramatic reverse-view pose from Kailee.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000068-WCS60267_lightpastelblue_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000068-WCS60267_lightpastelblue_back


The many new items in bold prints are hit and miss, but I like the sunniness of this design. Kailee makes a good choice in adopting a more serious expression, so even if the print is a bit cutesy, she shows how someone could wear it and look mature. The left-hand photo shows some attractive fullness in Kailee's face, and in the right-hand picture her skin tone looks dazzlingly fair.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023857-1602X_aspengold_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023857-1602X_aspengold_back


This print might be a bit too colourful for me, but Kailee's bemused smile is adorable.



I generally prefer more body-conscious styles to these loose items, but Kailee makes everything look beautiful.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000771-5609X_waterworld_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000771-5609X_orangepulp_front


Sometimes the reverse pictures are even more interesting than the front views. They show some very creative expressions from Kailee, like the witty, eyebrow-raised, bemused smile on the left.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-K295X_fadedazure_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000671-L529301_waterworld_back


And of course, in every image, Kailee's romantic tresses are a point of interest. Another witty smile in the right-hand photo.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021818-ON621541385_orangepulp_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021818-ON621541385_orangepulp_back


Personally, I find these two dresses incomprehensible, and I can't see how anyone could find the prints appealing. But both items show how much a plus-size girl like Kailee does for any outfit when she models it. The neckline in the dress on the left is clearly designed to celebrate voluptuousness, which Kailee certainly possesses, and the close fit at the bust of the dress on the right attractively defines the model's buxom curves.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-001002-503W-24937_shellcoral_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-001002-633W24937_black_front


M. Lopez
23rd April 2011, 01:38
It's a pleasure to make a few more contributions to this thread.

I'm not much for career wear, but this new item is sexy as well as elegant. Or to put it another way, a plus-size model like Kailee has the kind of voluptuous curves that can make this outfit exciting. Love the accessories too, and especially the fact that Ashley Stewart paired the top with a skirt, not slacks. Much more feminine.



Two more pictures in white. In the right-hand photo, Kailee employs the most alluring of all poses, the Lorelei-like gesture of playing with her hair.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-020718-44-1153W_white_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021780-NC3436A_white_front


I like how dignified Kailee looks in the image on the left, though her youth and round facial features agreeably soften the effect.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021538-W26470YYX_kiwi_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021538-W26470YYX_white_front


The photo on the left is one of those wonderful images which show a touch of fullness in Kailee's face. Also, her skin tone is so fair and delicate. I hope she has someone walking around holding a parasol for her in the sun...

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023500-ASI-326X_kiwi_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023500-ASI-326X_molokini_front


Like others here, I prefer fitted styles to looser tops, but I also adore off-the-shoulder blouses. Kailee looks like the morning sunshine in the yellow top.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000771-5611X_waterworld_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000771-5611X_aspengold_front


This is an original top, and especially eye-catching from the back.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-K2790X-F004_molokini_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-K2790X-F004_molokini_front


Very sensual pose in this reverse image.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021818-ON6120918_molokini_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-008581-F2259CX_incense_front


Last, a tiered item, and the profile shot of Kailee's face in the reverse picture is adorable.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023857-1401XA_waterworld_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023857-1401XA_waterworld_back