View Full Version : Kelsey Olson via Leslie Delano

18th March 2011, 00:52
Photographer Leslie Delano recently revamped her official Web site, so naturally the first thing that I did was go hunting through it for any images of Kelsey Olson, because Ms. Delano has taken some gorgeous pictures of Kelsey over the years.

Here's the link:


Most striking is this photograph from her famous swimwear session. Stunning! This remains the most gorgeous plus-size swimwear test I've ever seen. I love the fact that Kelsey didn't garb herself in a figure-disguising black suit, or hide behind any covering, but boldly showcased her curves. Her expression is a passionate mixture of the seductive and the gentle. And she looks so daringly buxom.


I had seen this intimate-apparel image before, but never reproduced with such lovely, natural colours.


I had also seen a different take from the following test before, but I love Kelsey's expression even more in this particular photograph. This shows her facial features at their softest and gentlest, however she is also very present and emotionally affecting in the image. Her golden tresses look so princess-like here, and I love the colour coordination with the accessories. The glimpse of her bare leg is very sensual.


Kelsey is without a doubt the most gorgeous plus-size model working today.

Ms. Delano's site even has an icon saying "buy," which seems to suggest that it might be possible to purchase the images (as prints?). The feature doesn't work on my browser, though, or it hasn't been engaged yet, but it's an interesting option.

I can't wait to see Kelsey's next campaign. I look forward to her work more than that of any other model.

28th March 2011, 10:20
Kelsey is, without a doubt, the most beautiful swimwear model of all time. What an angel. All of her images are gorgeous, but these are some of the loveliest I've ever seen. I adore her round face, golden hair, fair eyes. She's perfection itself.

Those gentle expressions of hers as so dreamy, but there's also a hint of mystery in her big, blue eyes. And she has a way of posing that's demure but seductive at the same time.

She's the golden princess of plus-size modelling.

Oh, and something that I especially appreciate on Leslie Delano's site is that she refers to the waifs as "minus models," in contrast to the plus-size models in her portfolio. Also, the minus-size models are listed below the full-figured girls. That definitely indicates their lesser status of the skinnies. And of course, none of the other girls, at any size, can hold a candle to Kelsey!