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M. Lopez
11th November 2005, 08:02
Here's just a nice little article to start the day. As usual, it would have carried more force if it were spoken by a plus-size actress. But it's nice to hear CZJ coming out against dieting. Besides, I've always admired her fashion sense, and I think she is one of those rare non-plus celebrities who actually dress in a way that full-figured women can emulate. Plus, her face is so gorgeously round.


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Text as follows:


No dieting for Catherine

6.16PM, Thu Nov 10 2005

Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has slammed women for trying to lose too much weight after pregnancy.

The Oscar winner has apparently said that those who follow strict diets and exercise regimes straight after giving birth are insane.

Catherine, who has two children, Dylan and Carys, believes it is unhealthy to shed the pounds too quickly and is said to find this era of super-skinny women scary.

The Chicago stunner is well known for her curvy figure and is often voted one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Elizabeth Hurley, Britney Spears and Madonna are all stars who have been reported to have been desperate to shed the pounds after their pregnancies.

15th November 2005, 08:25
That's a wonderful statement by Catherine Zeta-Jones. She's right -- this era of super-skinny women IS scary. The people who run (and report on) the entertainment/fashion industries are trapped in their own little bubble, their own little world, and have convinced themselves that the anorexic look is "normal." If they were to step out of their environment for a while, and see it from a fresh perspective, many of them would realize just how artificial it really is. But they can't do that. Can't, or won't.

All of this would be fine -- except that they place the rest of society in their own little aesthetic/ideological bubble with them.

Anyway, I've always liked CZJ's fashion sense too. She was dressing in a feminine/romantic manner even before it came into vogue, and I think she was definitely a trendsetter. And although she is quite thin these days, her figure still at least suggests how a dress would look on a curvier form.

Another actress whom I would put in the same category is Sofia Vergara. This dress that she wore to a recent publicity event caught my eye, although I think of it more as a spring/summer design. The cut, the colors, are lovely.