View Full Version : Gemma Collins: size-positive photo

12th April 2011, 16:07
I know that this site is judicious about posting images of models in a state of undress, but I think this photograph, published in Britain's gossip magazine Heat and also in the Daily Mail, deserves to be seen.


It's one of the loveliest figure studies of a curvaceous actress I've ever seen. It shows actress Gemma Collins, of the TV show The Only Way is Essex. (No, I've never seen it, and I don't know what it's about.)


There's just so much right about it. It doesn't actually reveal anything, yet is is extremely sensual. It celebrates the soft, luscious curves along the model's back, her generous reverse-view contours, her full legs, and her round, shapely arms.

But what I also like about it is the expression on the model's face. She looks flirtatious and very pleased with herself. It's a playful, kittenish pose, the kind that skinny models and actresses employ all the time, so it's wonderful to see a plus-size actress adopting it.

The Daily Mail article includes some nice commentary:

Gemma is proud to be a role model for bigger women through her inclusion on the hit ITV2 reality show.

She told heat magazine: 'If I had to walk down a catwalk next to Kate Moss, I would...'Iím not perfect, but I am confident and I feel beautiful. Iím a size 18-20 and almost 17 stone [238 lbs], so Iím doing it for us bigger girls.'

Gemma added that she has learned to be confident about her body.

She added: 'Some people are like, ďGemma, why donít you get the weight off?Ē and I say, ďCos I feel sexy!Ē
I'm especially encouraged by the fact that the press celebrated a curvaceous star who is above 200 lbs and has visible curves, yet looks confident and happy with herself. I don't know if Gemma is a beauty per se, but this is a lovely photograph that could help women learn to enjoy their curves rather than feeling ashamed of them.