View Full Version : Prom-dress TV segment

14th April 2011, 15:38
I recently saw this video in an article about plus-size prom dresses and thought I'd share it. It doesn't have any professional plus-size models in it; instead, the girls appear to be ordinary full-figured teens modelling prom fashions. But I think it's a very sweet video. The girls look nervous, but happy, and they're genuinely curvy. Even the blonde guest who owns the store that provided the gowns is attractive and quite full-figured. Plus, there's a heartwarming bit at the end where the store gives a gown to a girl who has had some tragic life complications.

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I like it because it reminds you that even plus-size girls who aren't professional models can look gorgeous at prom in their gowns, and can still outshine their skinny rivals.