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27th April 2011, 14:44
Everyone who enjoyed the spring campaign from Penningtons, which featured gorgeous size-16 model Melissa King in a desert setting, will love the company's summer promotion even more.

Penningtons has just released its new summer images, as well as a lookbook, and the campaign features more stunning pictures of Melissa in the same picturesque desert landscape, and in clothing that accentuates her luscious curves:


The cover image is breathtaking. Melissa looks like a goddess, with a visibly full figure showcased by her camisole-top sleeveless dress. She appears to be looking off into the distance, in a pose that's cinematic yet gentle. The rich golds and greens of the landscape make the photograph visually interesting.


Sleepwear constitutes a significant part of the new campaign. This black item bares her full, shapely arms, while the pink PJ top indicates her curvy hips. I love the Penningtons photography, which celebrates Melissa's curves and makes no attempt to hide her generous size:


Melissa looks great in this item too. I even like the saying. It's wonderful to think of plus-size goddesses as loving to sleep in, given their sensually indolent natures.


Although these ensembles are a bit loose, they're both size-positive photos, with the left image indicating womanly hips and the right image showing off the model's full legs:


Another photo that benefits from the epic landscape:


Two more size-celebratory photos, with the profile shot indicating her opulent waist and the strapless, sleeveless dress displaying her neck-and-shoulder area and bare arms:

http://i51.tinypic.com/eilamb.jpg http://i54.tinypic.com/2uqj31t.jpg

It's a pity that these pictures appear at such a small size in the flyer. This photo is very dramatic, benefiting from the stunning landscape, and shows Melissa in an attractive dress.


Another terrific image that makes the most of the desert setting on the left, and a sensual accessories image on the right:

http://i52.tinypic.com/rc82t1.jpg http://i53.tinypic.com/20zofa0.jpg

What a great campaign: a model who is attractive and visibly full-bodied; figure-baring styles; and a sweeping landscape that provides gorgeous vistas. Together, it's a recipe for complete, harmonious natural beauty.

27th April 2011, 16:00
All of the spring and summer images of Melissa at Penningtons have been gorgeous, thanks to the presence of a true plus-size model, attractive fashions, and a great location.

I did a search through the current Penningtons site and found more photos of the summer line -- some larger versions of the pictures in the flyer, and some unique to the landing pages, like this attractive shot of Melissa looking buxom. The background contrasts beautifully with the colour of her top.


Here's a larger version of one of the photos from the circular:


This might have already been released in the spring campaign, but it remains an eye-catching image.


This one is new. Melissa doesn't have as full a face as do some plus-size models, unfortunately, but her facial features look very attractive here, and she has just a slight curve under the chin.


The sweater photograph from the flyer:


I found a larger version of one of the gorgeous desert photos that the lookbook shows in miniature. Melissa's pose is very dramatic and suits the setting and the alluring dress, which shows off her limbs.


Here she is in the denim skirt from the lookbook. Penningtons used to be considered Reitmans' "mature" line, but the new fashions are quite youthful and pretty.


I love this size-positive profile photo.


And here are all of the banners with images of Melissa. Most of the pictures appear elsewhere, larger, but the first photo is unique. It's a delicious colour on the model and contrasts richly with the setting. Plus, the image suggests her opulent proportions.








I'd like to offer Penningtons a round of applause for this promotion. And bravo to Melissa for remaining an authentically curvaceous plus-size model. Her figure makes the outfits look fantastic and gives them a beautiful, womanly shape.


8th May 2011, 13:30
Since Penningtons' sleepwear is always a hit when Melissa does the modelling, everyone will adore the new Penningtons home page. It shows the sleepwear images at a larger size.


I love how this label photographs Mrs. King. They allow her womanly proportions to be fully on display. And even when the item is a bit loose, like the fuchsia shirt on the left, Melissa's figure is sufficiently opulent to still form it into a curvaceous outline.

Gorgeous, life-affirming photos from this model and this company.

M. Lopez
11th May 2011, 17:10
Most gorgeous cover yet! And the most size-positive of all. How thrilling to see size-16 Melissa in a fiery red dress. This is the kind of colour and style that a girl wears when she knows that she's a goddess, when she knows that her well-fed curves make her the most exciting being ever created.

The image is very daring, not just for Penningtons, but for anyone. You can see the hint of Melissa's unmentionables through the sheer fabric. This is a bolder image than even MODE magazine ever created - the height of opulent sensuality, but still chic and tasteful.

Also, the design at the bust is incredibly alluring, a ruched sweetheart cut that's perfect for showing off a model's buxom curves.

The desert landscape really makes the colour of the dress pop and gives the image an epic sweep.


No faux-plus model could ever create an image like this. What a stunning achievement for Melissa and for Penningtons.

15th May 2011, 04:28
The dress may not have the screaming red boldness of the one in the previous cover, or the sensual allure of its see-through sheerness, but this new Penningtons cover is every bit as gorgeous and size-positive.


Wow. I don't know when I've ever seen a mainstream, commercial client celebrate the well-fed fullness of a true plus-size model's body the way that Penningtons is showcasing the abundant curves of Melissa King. Every inch of her size-16/18 physique is proudly on display. None of the poses try to hide her womanliness; far from it, the images showcase her lush contours.

Add to that the dramatic landscape setting, and every plus-size client can take a lesson from this exciting campaign. And for that matter, every plus-size model should strive to be at least as full-figured as Melissa.

M. Lopez
22nd May 2011, 13:14
Another beautiful cover image of Melissa at Penningtons this week:


She's wearing a simpler item than the lovely dresses and the sensual sleepwear of previous cover pages, but the colour is still lively and the photograph still indicates the fullness of her figure; there's been no attempt to diminish her size. As before, the background helps to give the image depth and impact. Beautiful.

7th June 2011, 14:49
The current Penningtons cover is wonderfully celebratory of Melissas size16/18 figure. The dress is not tight, but at least it fits close enough to indicate the womanliness of her hips and the roundness around her middle; plus, its sleeveless, which is both beautiful and comfortable for full-figured women. Beautiful image.


These splendidly size-positive Penningtons covers serve as a reminder that while it is nice to have three plussize models on the cover of Vogue, there is still definitely room for even curvier girls too.