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28th April 2011, 10:52
It may seem odd to start a new post about Kailee's work for Ashley Stewart when another thread (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=2105) about the same subject is still active, but that thread is getting so long that it would break to a second page if it continued, and besides, I don't think that A.S. clearly demarcates one season from the next, instead allowing new items to appear at regular intervals (rather like Torrid), so this is as good a time as any to start a new discussion, since other companies' summer campaigns are starting to roll out.

Here are a few Ashley Stewart flyers that I recently received in my inbox. A lovely Easter greeting:


Kailee looking oh-so-cute in pink, in the sleepwear items that were featured in the last thread:


A new dress option from Ashely Stewart, also with Kailee looking adorable in pink:


Here's the product page for that item. Great neckline, and I love the low backs on many A.S. dresses:

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19767XX_molokini_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025144-19767XX_molokini_front


Kailee looks a bit slim in some dress photos, but more appealingly curvaceous in other instances, such as these. The design of the brush-stroke dress, right, is very flattering on a buxom figure.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-KD3290XS895_passionpink_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000671-L634401AA_blackwhite_front


Kailee channels Lindsey Lohan in these new sunglasses photos. It's always a delight to see Kailee modelling accessories, as these images usually let the camera show her lovely facial features up close.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021998-LOVECHAIN_black_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021998-DASH_tort_front


The prettiest of the new images, though, are in the "Tops" section of the site. Kailee has created many passionate looks for Ashley Stewart, so for these latest images she tries something different and explores the sweeter side of her beauty. Doesn't she look as adorable as a ripe peach in the right-hand photo? The lively citrus colour of the top helps. Her complexion is dazzlingly fair with just a bit of a pink flush at the cheeks.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-007992-8538X_turkishtowel_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-007992-8538X_orangepulp_front


So pretty in pink. The fullness in her round face makes her incredibly adorable.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-K4222XF0541_molokini_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-K4222XF0541_molokini_front


I'm on the fence about the outfit, but this is one of Ashley Stewart's most beautiful images of Kailee. The stylist seems to have given her hair a little extra body, which in turns makes her face look even richer. And of course, the blue throws the delicate pink of her cheeks into relief.



This item is interesting because it comes in no less than five colours, so Kailee models the piece five different ways. See which look you like best. I definitely favour the pink image, which has the most dramatic pose and expression, although the green shows how the piece accentuates reverse-view curves. Also, it's enlightening to see the different necklaces that the stylists added to accompany each different colour.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000859-9759X_kiwi_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000859-9759X_molokini_front


Instead of citrus hues, this top comes in vegetable colours- still very pretty, natural shades. And Kailee does her best Victorian-doll look here:

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023162-2548X_kiwi_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023162-2548X_juicypeach_front

For the breeches view, she gives a little extra oomph to accentuate her reverse-view contours.



Oh, that sweetly smiling face! It's a pleasure to view every Ashley Stewart item, just to see Kailee's pretty facial features.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-K2751XS382_kiwi_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000730-200303X_multi_front


Ashley Stewart has some lovely items, and they have a way of shooting Kailee that really brings out her beauty. It's always a pleasure to drop in and see what's new at the A.S. site.

1st May 2011, 17:07
I'm delighted to have found a few more new Ashley Stewart items to share, especially because they're really quite attractive - not just because Kailee is modelling them, but even in their own right.

This top has some of the appealing qualities of a peasant blouse. I love the keyhole tie (a historical touch) and the neckline, which can show off fair shoulders like Kailee's. Nice bit of accessorizing by the stylist.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000920-64847X_white_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000920-64847X_white_front


This is also a very folkloric, romantic top that looks as if it could have come straight from Eastern Europe.



Kailee looks quite curvy in this crochet shirt, which is so pretty that it appears handmade. The reverse view shows an attractive and elaborate design at the back. The pink/lavender tee goes with it very well. Also, I adore Kailee's expression in the right-hand photo. It's a soft, melting look, one of her signature delicate expressions. Be sure to view it at a larger size from the link on the product page.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023857-4000XX_white_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-023857-4000XX_white_front


Kaitlynn posted this item in pink, but I think it looks just as pretty in yellow. Ashley Stewart has such wonderful yellows, from the sunlit hue seen here to the citrus gold of other items. With her fair complexion, Kailee looks very fresh in this top. Also, the white pants accentuate her reverse-view curves.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-K4222XF0541_aspengold_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-K4222XF0541_aspengold_front


This tiered dress has something of a peasant/folkloric quality about it, although the colour is contemporary. Very sweet expression from Kailee in the front-facing photo.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-024012-7929D_passionpink_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-024012-7929D_passionpink_front


Another pair of sunglasses, which allow Kailee to transform herself into a Hollywood starlet.



I also received this e-mail flyer the other day, with Kailee in the grey dress that features such an eye-catching design at the bust.


Kailee at Ashley Stewart: always gorgeous.

5th May 2011, 15:00
Here is another new folkloric item at Ashley Stewart. I love it so much that I want to show it in all three colours. Of course, it looks most traditional in white, but it's also pretty in pink and yellow.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000771-5645_white_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000771-5645_white_front

I adore the ruffles! Pieces like this seem made for plus-size models with doll-like facial features, like Kailee.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000771-5645_molokini_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000771-5645_aspengold_front


This is also very nice, and I enjoy the difference in expressions from Kailee. In the reverse-view photo she has a bemused Cheshire-Cat grin, while in the right hand pic she exhibits a steamy sensuality.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000771-5614X_kiwi_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000771-5614X_kiwi_front


All of Ashley Stewart linen items are lovely, but I was especially taken with the photo on the left. Kailee seems very present and immediate in it, and I couldn't figure out why until I realized it was because A.S. shot her a bit closer than usual, so she's larger in the frame. I also love the full, voluptuous hairstyle.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021780-ANC3447_incense_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021780-ANC3448_white_front


I generally don't care for tunics, which are often loose and formless, but Kailee's buxom contours give this item a voluptuous shape.



Someone posted this piece in other colours, but it's now being offered in pink too, and Kailee looks terrific in pink. The cut is very attractive on a well-endowed model.



Here's a new denim item, in which case the reverse view may be more interesting, as the white pants show off Kailee's curves.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022150-7357DSB_mediumblue_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022150-7357DSB_mediumblue_back


I thought I'd also share a few dresses. The best aspect of these dresses is the upper portion, which has a camisole effect and seductively bares the figure, especially as seen from the back.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-KD1245XF2557_waterworld_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-022726-KD1245XF2557_waterworld_front


http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025153-X1024D_black_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-025153-X1024D_black_front


Very pretty colour combination in this print:



The only thing better than one Kailee is three! Ashley Stewart put together three product images to comprise this triptych. Kailee is such an attractive model that even her ordinary product images are good enough to be ads in a national campaign.


A larger view of the linen photo seen in a previous thread, with Kailee doing her Lorelei impression and caressing her romantic tresses.


I keep wishing Kailee might become at least a bit fuller-figured. She's so gorgeous and has so much potential to do good for curvy girls...

9th May 2011, 14:47
I only have a few little items to add to this thread, but I do enjoy Kailee's work, even though I wish she were a bit bigger.

She appears on three of the Ashley Stewart landing pages. I especially like the first caption, "New and Hot." The company may have intended it to refer to their fashions, but of course the terms apply equally well to Kailee herself.




Also, here's a very attractive new item. Although it's loose, the fact that it bares the shoulder and upper back, as the reverse image shows, makes it a very sensual item -- especially if the wearer has such a soft, fair skin tone.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-008581-F2117AX_passionpink_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-008581-F2117AX_passionpink_front


We've seen so much of Kailee at Ashley Stewart that it's becoming possible even to tell the different shooting styles that the various A.S. photographers adopt (unless it's the same photographer changing things up). I like the way Kailee is photographed in the "fireworks" top, with a very cool natural light and a bit of dramatic shadow. I'm certain that the same photographer took this gorgeous shot of Kailee in white linen, which was mentioned in a previous thread:


He has a real knack for accentuating Kailee's beauty.

20th May 2011, 06:39
I've missed seeing new images of Kailee at Ashley Stewart, so I browsed the site today and found several beautiful new pictures, including an exciting pair of photos of Kailee in lingerie.

This is one of the few times I've seen an indication of Kailee's curvy hips. She uses her sensual S-curve pose to accentuate her womanly shape, while showing off one of the more seductive items that she has yet modelled for Ashley Stewart. It's especially alluring at the bust.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021556-AS7177_black_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021556-AS7177_black_front


I love this pair of photos because in them, Kailee finds a way to pose herself to look especially full-figured. She has such a graceful modelling style, in addition to her youthful prettiness. And Ashley Stewart always finds a way to dress her hair more beautifully than any other client, giving her wavy tresses that are princess-like and romantic.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021818-ON6684610_turkishtowel_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021818-ON6684610_turkishtowel_front


Ashley Stewart also offers a host of new dresses modelled by Kailee, including this item in her signature royal blue.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000586-91603540179_classicblue_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000586-91603540179_classicblue_back


And just for good measure, here's a recent Ashley Stewart e-mail ad that featured Kailee.


A person could look at her photos all day. She proves just how lovely "plus size" can be...

M. Lopez
27th May 2011, 10:27
Ashley Stewart has issued a special ad for Memorial Day. A pretty picture of Kailee always gets a person into a vacation mood!


Kailee is on the current Ashley Stewart cover page too. The cover image was also released as an e-mail ad.


Here's the product page for the red top from the ad. Very striking colours, this red and this vivid emerald green.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000859-9719XX_ferngreen_back http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-000859-9719XX_tangored_front


The tank top in the following picture has been noted before, but I thought I'd share this breeches view as well because, as someone else pointed out, Kailee puts Kate Middleton's sister to shame when it comes to reverse-view curves, as do all plus-size models. Kailee's pose is bold but tasteful.



Also, A.S. recently introduced this rather pretty dress, as shown on Kailee.



It's always a treat to browse the Ashley Stewart site and to see examples of Miss O'Sullivan's creativity and beauty.

3rd July 2011, 13:03
After such a fine run from the beginning of the year, Kailee hasn't been seen at Ashley Stewart as much lately, but I did come across this lingerie item that wasn't picked up before.

http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021556-AS7172_black_front http://idn.efashionsolutions.com/asset/image/format/AS-dt/id/AS-021556-AS7172_black_back


So beautiful -- but oh, if only she were a bit fuller-figured. Katherine Roll's appearance in the Ashley Stewart Runway show from FFFWeek showed how good the company's fashions look on a curvier body. If only Kailee might blossom into a slightly fuller size, she would be even more beautiful and relatable.