View Full Version : Barbara: Summer 2011 at Reitmans

14th May 2011, 00:52
Alas, it looks like Reitmans will never return to the gorgeous outdoor shoots that it used to do with Barbara Brickner, which were consistently every bit as beautiful as magazine editorials. Still, at least Reitmans is still featuring Mrs. Brickner in its advertising. And of course, she looks as gorgeous as ever.


Here are a host of landing-page banners from the current Reitmans site. This photo of Barbara in the burgundy top is her loveliest of the season, with her hair flowing dramatically around her face. The camisoles really show off her figure, with the right-hand photo also accentuating her hips.


The styling of this jacket image is very effective, sensually suggesting that Barbaras curves are too generous for it to close.


This is an amazingly seductive expression from Barbara, given that this is a commercial campaign. I am glad that Reitmans allows her to be so provocative in her poses. Yet Barbara is eternally graceful, even at her most carnal, so the effect is always supremely beautiful.


Enchanting image of Barbara on the far right. I have grown accustomed to her wavy tresses, but the straight hair makes an interesting variation.


She can even make outerwear appealing.


Fine indications of Barbaras womanly proportions.


I like the juxtaposition of the word "comfort" alongside Barbara. It suggests that being plus-size, as she is, enables a woman to live a life of comfort, freely eating whatever she wants, rather than a life of discomfort and starving and torturing herself, which is the kind of life that being anorexically straight-size requires. "Comfort and Beauty" would be the full caption to describe what Barbara represents.


Here are a smattering of the seasons images in miniature, also from the Reitmans site.

http://i51.tinypic.com/5z34e8.jpg http://i53.tinypic.com/4kwk5v.jpg http://i53.tinypic.com/mn2u8k.jpg

http://i52.tinypic.com/2zftq44.jpg http://i55.tinypic.com/ztgbyg.jpg

I am truly beginning to think that Mrs. Brickner is a goddess, because her beauty never dims. The Barbara/Reitmans partnership remains the most fruitful model/client pairing in the plus-size industrys history. Long may Barbara reign!