View Full Version : Rebel Wilson on ''Conan''

24th May 2011, 05:20
Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress and comedienne who has enjoyed considerable success in her home country, and is now making a name for herself in Hollywood. (Apparently, she is part of the cast of the unwatchable and offensive new movie Bridesmaids, which resorts to the most demeaning, shopworn clichés and insults about full-figured women.)

However, Miss Wilson was on the Conan show last night, and she looked quite cute. She doesn't seem to turn out very well in still photographs, and she could do with a different hairstyle, but in this TV appearance she was charming and kind of pretty. She commendably wore a fitted dress that hugged her curves. And although this video doesn't show the colour correctly, it was actually a lively shade of pink.

(The thumbnail image is predictably cartoonish - this being, after all, a comedy show.)

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Although Miss Wilson relays her anecdotes in a light-hearted manner, she brings up some of the rather obnoxious things that her co-stars, such as Olivia Newton-John, have said and done to her, just because she's full-figured. It's a sobering reminder that weight-control zealots act as if they're entitled to tell curvy women their business. I commend Miss Wilson on her self-restraint and civility in the face of these insults, but she would have been well within her rights to have told Olivia Newton-John off, or at least informed her that she should mind her own business.