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24th May 2011, 13:41
Last year, Hannah posted (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=1976) about Kailee's work for a German retailer called Takko Fashion. The images were casual lifestyle shots, but very beautiful, and we hadn't seen Kailee in a long time at that point, so her reappearance was a cause for celebration.

Well, I'm pleased to see that Kailee is modelling for Takko again this year.


The picture on the site is another charming lifestyle shot.


Kailee also appears in the current Takko advertising circular. She's currently wearing her hair in a red shade, as we've seen from her other recent campaigns, and Takko made the most of it by dressing her in emerald green.


With that round, doll-like face, she is soooooo pretty, especially because her hair is long again. I never get tired of looking at her pictures. She always finds new ways to be enchanting. And even in a simple suburban location, there's a special magic about outdoor photography that studio images just can't duplicate.



1st July 2011, 12:30
Takko Fashion recently put out another flyer featuring Kailee.


No question, but her photo has a lot of personality!


I find the picture adorable. I wonder what occurred on set to coax Kailee into such an animated expression? It's definitely not your usual catalogue shot. She's so pretty. I just wish that she were fuller-figured.

Here's the full-page ad: