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14th June 2011, 13:36
Last year, there was a post on this forum about a singer named Claire Richards, who was once typically pop-star skinny but has blossomed into a curvy size.


Well, I'm pleased to say that after going through a typical starvation regimen, Claire is back to being full-figured again.

The reporting about her figure improvement hasn't been as positive as one might wish, but to celebrate her curves, she has taken a modest nude photo, and she looks utterly gorgeous.


The pose is very similar to Tara Lynn's page in the plus-size issue of V Magazine from last year, but Claire appears to have a slightly softer figure. She looks fantastic.

The image appears in a British magazine called Closer, even on its cover page. And as a matter of fact, the cover version of the image appears to show Claire with an even curvier, softer waist.


The press coverage says that she now weighs 12 stone (168 pounds), which is actually very little, given that she's 5'7.

Claire is reported as saying:

I owed it to people to be honest about this. My husband also encouraged me to do the shoot so I could see how lovely I am Ė and Iím trying to believe him!...Iíve got to stop beating myself up. For me, staying thin is like a full-time job, and Iíd rather spend that time looking after my kids and focusing on my career.Ē
I wish she could embrace her fuller figure even more joyously. When she is curvier, her body naturally forms itself into a lovely, feminine shape, as pretty as the physique of a plus-size model. Like her previous plus-size photos, Claire looks beautiful at her naturally more generous size. I hope she keeps her curves.

14th June 2011, 16:34
This new PR push is, I think, being made in conjunction with the fact that Claire is currently appearing on a British television show called Pop Star to Opera Star.

I'd never heard of it before, but apparently it shows pop singers being trained to sing opera.

Here's the video of Claire's first performance on the show. She sings a fine version of the famous aria, "O Mio Babbino Caro," from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi. Claire has an attractive figure, with full arms, although she'd look much better with longer hair. She nicely fills out her gown.

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I find the concept of this show to be wonderful, and far superior to any other "reality" program I can think of. It's uses the celebrity status of pop stars to introduce a whole new audience to real music, beautiful music, music that they would otherwise likely ignore.

Moreover, there's something about the very idea of a culture shifting from a focus on "pop stars" to "opera stars" that is extremely encouraging. It's as if society as a whole were, for once, not continuing on its inexorable downward slide, but rather moving back towards a rediscovery and renewed appreciation of the great European art tradition that it has forsaken. The very premise of the program enacts an aesthetic restoration.

7th November 2011, 22:24
As the Daily Mail reports, curvaceous singer Claire Richards has just a stunning image from a new photo shoot for Closer magazine.


This is an extraordinarily sensual picture, even more alluring than the photograph featured at the top of this thread.


It's said to be patterned after a shot of '50s blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield, but I have to say, Claire's photograph is far more seductive. Ms. Richards has much more fullness at the waist and hips, and this gives her figure a more luxuriously well-fed look that harmonizes perfectly with the opulence of the gloves and jewellery. Mansfield's figure, though not anorexic, is too toned, but Clair's physique is softer and thus more sensual. Here's the Jayne Mansfield photograph that was emulated (and improved upon) by Ms. Richards:


The article is generally quite positive. Here are a few excerpts:

'I'm never going to be a skinny Kate Moss': Claire Richards embraces her curves to emulate Fifties siren Jayne Mansfield

By Andrea Magrath
8th November 2011

As her star soars again thanks to her band's hugely successful reunion, Steps singer Claire Richards has finally embraced her body.

And what better way to show off her gorgeous curves than posing scantily clad as Fifties pin-up Jayne Mansfield?

The 34-year-old poses provocatively as the iconic screen siren in a sizzling new photoshoot for Closer magazine and admits she'll 'never be a skinny Kate Moss.'

Claire, who is now a size 14 to 16 and weighs 12 stone, says proudly: 'Itís much easier to look like a í50s siren when youíve got boobs, a bum and a few curves.

'In the past, celebrities were "real women" with real bodies, not skinny waifs. Thereís nothing more attractive than looking feminine.'

She adds: 'I think this kind of sexy-but-sophisticated look really suits me.'

Claire tells Heat that she prefers being a role model for 'real woman,' than make herself miserable yo-yo dieting and exercising.
Very pro-curvy comments, and I like the touch of vanity in her observation that she looks sexy but sophisticated.


The pose and theme of the shoot would be perfect for true plus-size models as well.

9th November 2011, 03:27
Thanks to her fuller figure, Claire Richards completely outshines Jayne Mansfield. It just goes to show you that today's most gorgeous plus-size models and (relatively few) attractive full-figured celebrities are more luscious and sensual than even the '50s sirens to which they're often compared. Only Anita Ekberg and Kim Novak are possibly in the same league as today's most stunning plus-size beauties.

I came across an interesting video clip that fans of Ms. Richards will surely enjoy. It's a promo for a reality-TV show that she appeared on. I don't know whether the program is still running in the U.K. or has finished airing, but this clip is a must see. It shows behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the top photograph in this thread.


What makes the video so beautiful is that it shows scenes of Claire's figure without any airbrushing. Her midsection is very soft and rounded - beautifully so. As she breathes, the tummy swells and falls, like the natural figure of a real-life woman, not the over-exercised, over-toned frame of most celebrities. I wish more media stars had an attractive and natural figure like hers.

13th December 2011, 08:39
Claire Richards will probably never equal her Jayne-Mansfield-inspired photo, above, which is truly gorgeous. However, as the Daily Mail reports, she appears in a new photograph in Closer magazine which is also inspired by a voluptuous '50s bombshell. This time her muse is the British answer to Kim Novak and Anita Ekberg, a Saxon beauty named Diana Dors.


The facial expression lacks the serenity of Claire's previous Closer portrait, but the image is nevertheless gorgeous. The singer's figure is womanly and luscious, with an attractive suggestion of fullness at the waist.


Chad wrote an illustrated essay about Diana Dors for this forum last year, which is worth referencing. Dors began her career looking somewhat underweight, but she later blossomed into curvaceous proportions like Claire's, and became far more gorgeous as a result.


This image shows Diana at the height of her beauty, actually looking a bit fuller-figured than Ms. Richards in the above photo, with a sensual fleshiness at the neck and shoulders.


Two buxom British beauties, their allure entire due to not starving but actually indulging themselves and embracing their naturally curvaceous figures.