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23rd November 2005, 14:25
<br>Aficionados may remember curvaceous size-14 model Victoria Lewis as the beautiful blonde who co-starred with Barbara Brickner in the Fall 2005 Happy Size catalogue. (She currently appears on that company's catalogue cover.) We are pleased to see that Miss Lewis is enjoying continued success, with a recent layout in <i>Woman's Day</i> magazine, November 2005 (although the message of the editorial was rather mixed, and not nearly as size-positive as one would have wished).

Victoria also recently shot for Goody's (see the Web site), J.C. Penney, and appears in rotation on the Charming Shoppes cover page, as part of her recent Fashion Bug campaign. This is the loveliest image which that campaign has yielded, thus far:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/vl03.jpg"></center><p>But we are most delighted to see that Miss Lewis's 30-second promotional Ford <strong>video</strong> has just been released, and, as many of us expected, it is easily one of Ford's best.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/vl04.jpg"></center><p>In it, Victoria presents herself in a very simple and unpretentious way, showing off her womanly figure in a becomingly fitted ensemble (sleeveless, to draw attention to her gorgeous arms). Victoria is wearing her hair longer now, and the hairstyle is soft and pretty. She seems very articulate, and accomplishes the "runway walk" as well as any other Ford goddess.

Kailee O'Sullivan's sparkling video remains unsurpassable in this field, but Victoria's is a fine entry as well. We look forward to more successes from one of the Ford agency's most promising rising stars.<p>- <a href="http://www.fordmodels.com/fmvideo/video2.cfm?video_url=vl30_28_1_2.flv" target="_blank">Click here to view Victoria's enchanting new video</a>

20th December 2005, 08:35
Victoria is tall, but she just barely makes it as a true plussize model, with visible curves. I liked her best in the Happy-Size shoot that she did with Barbara Brickner. They complimented each others looks really well.

I also think she has a very attractive Fashion Bug cover right now. Fashion Bug has been using disappointingly faux-plus models for a while, but this cover is better, showing softness in Victorias features. And with blonde hair, the pink is perfect on her.