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21st June 2011, 17:41
The first and only plus-size winner of America's Next Top Model, Whitney Thompson, has a new video up at the celebrity/entertainment site Wetpaint. Although she has gone back to brunette, she looks gorgeous, with that hint of fullness under her chin that's so pretty, and a more buxom look than I recall. I will always wish that she were a bit fuller-figured and fairer, but she is beautiful.

What makes the video worth watching, though, are Whitney's comments. Of all models, she was and remains the most uncompromisingly critical of the toxic, starvation standards of the fashion industry. She speaks of the obscenity of airbrushing and the brutal pressures that the industry puts on girls to torture themselves into an anorexic, cadaverous state.

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I always admire Whitney for her resolutely pro-curvy comments. She is the most fearless spokesmodel of all, and with her beautiful speaking voice, the most eloquent as well. She is more energetic and charismatic on camera than any actress or celebrity. She's a treasure.

Here's the link to the original interview page:


22nd July 2011, 14:40
I think Whitney looks gorgeous in this video. I've always admired her for being an eloquent and fearless spokesperson for size celebration. She has never stinted from stating the truth about the media's discrimination against full-figured women and its criminal promotion of an anorexic standard. She has never backed down.

I always thought that her interview for this site contained her boldest statements ever, so I found it gratifying to see that interview quoted in a Web article about Whitney (though Whitney is no longer a "blonde bombshell" but a "brunette bombshell").


The passage in question says:

What we want to know is whether she believes that fashionable images of plus-size models can undo some of the damage created by a fashion world dominated by skinny models?

Luckily for us, judgmentofparis.com asked the blonde bombshell just that. ďOh, 100%,Ē she said. ďPeople really define what their idea of beauty is by what they see in the media. And then you put me out there, well, Iím normal, and relatable. Itís achievable. Whereas putting Posh Spice on the cover is not. Itís just not good. Not good for anybody.Ē

The publication went on to ask the model what she thinks can be done to encourage the industry to feature and market full-figured models: ďA lot of it is already changing, but itís about the designers. And another thing too is that the designers really follow each other. If Louis Vuitton uses a curvy girl, then Dolce & Gabbana is going to use a curvy girl, because you donít want to be the last to do it, and itís great publicity,Ē she said.
It's nice to see one of the interviews on this site referenced for its content. The discussion (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/whitney/) with Whitney was a no-holds-barred condemnation of weight bigotry and a call for a curvier beauty ideal. I went back and reread it, and it still makes a powerful statement.