View Full Version : Lindsey Garbeman in Vice magazine

15th July 2011, 13:21
Lindsey Garbelman is in the current issue of Vice magazine, photographed by Terry Richardson. As a fashion photographer, Mr. Richardson is known for being shocking and outré and graphic, and while Lindsey mercifully doesn't let herself be dragged into that kind of territory in this shoot, the pose that the photographer chose for her is not really to my taste.

Here's the link to the photo. It's somewhat NSFW, and anyone who doesn't care for risqué images should give it a miss.


While I appreciate the fact that the photographer shot her to look curvy, and acknowledged the gorgeous fullness of her waist, I wish the environment had been more beautiful, to match Lindsey's own loveliness.

On the other hand, the magazine also comes with a picture of all of the models who participated. Lindsey is on the far right.


The picture shows the generous proportions of Lindsey's figure and the opulent fullness of her facial features, with a sensual curve under the chin.


The best aspect of this project is that it is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes video. Lindsey can be seen entering the studio right at the beginning, then talking to some of the other models, and then being photographed at 00:21. She poses in a very sensual manner, and some of her poses are so alluring (yet not vulgar) that I wish Mr. Richardson had released a different image of Lindsey, rather than the one he chose.

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At any rate, it's a nice credit for Lindsey to have in her CV. Hopefully it will lead to further editorials for her which exhibit a more classically beautiful aesthetic.