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24th July 2011, 06:25
How wonderful to see Kelsey Olson at Forever 21+! I just stumbled across her images there.

She has three major photos in rotation on the Forever 21+ landing page (i.e., the cover of the plus-size section of the site). The first is my favourite, as it shows her in a lacy white top which is very feminine, and bares her rounded arms.


I love the way in which her tresses flow freely in this photo.


Pink always looks great on Kelsey, and the jeans fit her in a wonderfully close, body-conscious way (which is agreeable to see, as this is, after all, a denim promotion).


It's nice to see Kelsey featured prominently at such a well-known clothing label. Here's the link to the plus-size cover page at the Forever 21 site, where Kelsey is the new star:


25th July 2011, 22:00
The first of the three images also appears on the denim landing page at the Forever21+ site. Interestingly, in the URL, it is still located in the "Faith 21" folder (Faith 21 being the previous name of Forever 21's plus-size apparel division).


Kelsey looks stunning in the images. I love the waviness in her hair, and of course, the curviness of her figure. I hope that this is the first of many Kelsey appearances at Forever 21+.


8th August 2011, 04:39
Kelsey's gorgeous Forever21+ images have also appeared in two of the company's mailers.

She features as the most prominent model in this back-to-school promo:


Her image is truly stunning.


Forever21+ obviously thought that she made a very effective showing, because they added her to a second promotion shortly thereafter, this one showing her second photo. This is such a graceful pose.



These are extraordinarily beautiful images, even for Kelsey, whose work is always outstanding. The Forever21+ team made her tresses look especially beautiful. I hope to see her at Forever21+ again in the future.

2nd November 2011, 07:41
I visited the Forever 21 site today and was delighted to see Kelsey back on the landing page of the plus-size section, in three beautiful images in rotation.


I think these pictures are even more beautiful than her last set, and the truly show her looking curvaceous, not to mention angelic.

I like the low cut of Kelsey's blouse and her gesture of playing with her tresses.


She looks especially curvy in this photo.


Very cute, country-style hat, with her golden hair flowing beneath. In this photo, she has such a wholesome, Midwestern kind of beauty.


Kelsey also appears on the Denim landing page.


Miss Olson is beauty personified. I hope Forever 21+ will continue to feature her.