View Full Version : Walmart junior-plus model

1st August 2011, 05:38
I took a moment to look at the Walmart site today and found an online catalogue for a summer collection called "The Fitting Room." Amid a group of minus-size models, I found one beautiful plus-size goddess - the girl in white, on the right:


She's pretty, no? Such adorable apple cheeks. Unfortunately, she's on the faux-plus side, but she has a bit of fullness in her arms that suggests that she might become curvier and therefore more subversively attractive in the future. Also, it's a credit to Walmart that they dressed her in a fitted, sleeveless dress.


In this picture, I appreciate that she's the one who's front and centre, while the skinnier models are behind her, in a subordinate position.


She looks great in this colour, a lime green; plus, the dress is sleeveless.


The entire catalogue can be found at this link:


As an extra bonus, if you click on the video icon at the bottom of the page, it shows four "making of" videos from the shoot. The one titled "Take It to the Maxi" is the most interesting, as it has a whole section with this lovely model, starting at 1:10. But each of the videos have glimpses of her, which suggest that she does have curves.

I think she might be a talent to watch, at least if she blossoms into a fuller size.