View Full Version : Justine Legault: Laura, fall 2011

22nd August 2011, 04:51
It's always wonderful to see a new campaign from Canadian label Laura Plus featuring Justine Legualt.


The company's fashions tend to skew professional, but Justine has such a pretty, feminine look that she always softens the effect.


The profile pose is consciously intended to show off some curves. Recently, I've seen plus-size models adopting this pose more often in their images, and if it has disseminated into commercial shots, then that means that even the retailers are being a tad more pro-curvy.


This elegant ensemble is Laura's most attractive offering of the season. Justine is so innately elegant that she makes the outfit look even classier, but also, with her seductiveness, more exciting.


I'm awed by the beauty of her golden hair. From the images on this forum, I've watched how Justine has grown out her hair, season by season, so that now she has such long, luxurious tresses.


Her facial features are so adorable in the image on the left.


Classy, yet soft and youthful-looking. I always admire Justine's work, and Laura shoots her very well.

25th August 2011, 18:21
Justine is so lovely, and Laura's campaigns with this model are always classy and sophisticated, yet have a sensual touch as well.

Milk Management is most prominently celebrated as the agency of Sophie Sheppard, but it also represents Justine. Her portfolio at Milk has a number of lovely new test photos:


I appreciate this picture for its natural setting, with the dramatic sweep of the tall grass.


Her white sleeveless dress, with the thin, delicate straps, is enchantingly feminine. Also I adore her hairstyle, with the tresses falling over her face.


With the outfit closely fitting Justine's body and accentuating her womanly hips, this new black-and-white photo has a Mad Men vibe,


The following image is especially gorgeous in how it celebrates her curves. The message is very pro-plus: Justine is evaluating her figure in the mirror and sees how curvy she is, yet her expression indicates that she loves her generous contours. She sees her figure as dangerously seductive -- which it is.


Very chic, haute-couture expression in this photograph. Justine blends elegance with allure in a way that's absolutely unique among plus-size models.


A second picture in the same context shows Justine with a bewitching smile.


Exquisite photos from this outstandingly gorgeous model.

7th September 2011, 11:56
Milk Management has added another new test image to Justine's portfolio. This is one of the prettiest pictures I've ever seen of this model.

It looks like it was shot in Notting Hill or another part of West End London. I love how fair her skin looks -- very much an English Rose (though she is from Quebec). She has a real baby-faced look in this photo, which suits her very well. Justine often tries to put some "edge" in her pictures, but I think her soft, gentle look in this picture is even more beautiful.


The turn of her head allows her tresses to flow freely, and the outfit suggests her reverse-view curves. Gorgeous photo.