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19th September 2011, 20:00
Here's something interesting. The other day, I came across a story about a new iPhone app called Body Beautiful, which bills itself as "the first iPhone app designed to promote positive body image among women and girls":


According to the article, the app features

features inspirational quotes, media articles, videos and tools to help users cultivate a positive self-image and fight body dissatisfaction.

The app hosts a growing collection of quotes from celebrities, self-esteem experts and authors such as Tyra Banks, Demi Moore, Ralph Waldo Emerson...

“With other apps on the market that encourage an unhealthy obsession with numbers on the scale, a narrow definition of beauty, and quick fixes to deep, emotional issues, Body Beautiful gives women a practical tool to fight our toxic culture and connect with each other through encouraging words and images.” says Rebecca Bass-Ching, LMFT, and Eating Disorder Specialist.
I don't have an iPhone myself, so I can't test it out, but it sounds very constructive.

A screen shot of the app features an affirmative quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger's somewhat curvy daughter:


Here's the official web site, with more info about the app, as well as downloading instructions.


My favourite element is a video from the app's creator, Allie Marie Smith. She's quite pretty, and has one of the sweetest, most feminine voices I've ever heard.

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She has an interesting story:

Smith, who is also an award-winning author and the Founder of a non-profit organization for young women called Wonderfully Made, recalls thumbing the pages of fashion magazines with her mom. “I was totally enamored by the beauty of the models and wanted to look just like them. But that just wasn't me.

Having shared the dream of most little girls of one day being a model, Smith even went to a handful of casting calls. "They'd always tell me I had the right look and height – but even at my thinnest was told I should to lose fifteen or twenty pounds.” Plagued by low self-esteem all throughout high school, Smith also struggled with disordered eating habits. "Like many girls, I believed the lie that I had to be...thin like the girls in the magazines.”

Smith says although she still has her struggles, she has made peace with her body and is passionate about helping other girls and women do the same. “Forget skinny,” says Smith.
It's incomprehensible that the fashion industry could reject someone as pretty as Allie, especially given that she isn't even faux-plus. But at least she has taken her experience and built something positive out of it.

I hope the app is as pro-curvy as it seems to be, and that it will help many young girls learn to love their naturally full-figured physiques.