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24th January 2012, 15:25
Apparently, the program Hoje em Dia is the top morning TV show in Brazil. It follows the format of U.S. programs such as Good Morning America and the Today Show, mixing journalism and news with services and entertainment.

Fans of Mayara Russi (which is to say, every admirer of plus-size beauty in the world) will be thrilled to know that the Brazilian goddess appeared on this program earlier today.

Here's the video. It's rather long, and in Portuguese, with a lot of preliminary material, so fast forward to 9:48, which is where the Mayara segment begins.

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I wish I understood anything that was being said, but Mayara's sumptuous beauty needs no translation. She becomes more gorgeous every time she appears on camera.

Watch for an especially breathtaking moment at 11:06, when she stands in profile, as well as the section beginning at 11:16 and following, which shows Mayara speaking her mind and features a tight close-up of her opulent facial features, with a luscious curve under her chin, and framed by her voluptuous brunette tresses.

Mayara is a breathtakingly beautiful, well-fed goddess. I wish she were modelling in North America. She is the epitome of what a plus-size model should look like.

24th January 2012, 20:59
Coincidentally, the Brazilian magazine Gloss published an interview with Mayara today.

It's in Portuguese, of course, so apart from the somewhat garbled version that one can obtain via Google Translate, it's all Greek to me, although I did gather that Mayara's favourite aspect of being a model is the opportunity to transform herself into different characters, practically a different woman, for each modelling job.


Mayara's many fans in the English-speaking world will, however, be delighted to see the new images of the model that accompany the interview, including this stunning profile shot, which shows how buxom this goddess truly is.


Here's Mayara with several other Brazilian plus-size models -- easily the most beautiful of the group. No, the girls did not fly to New York for the interview (!). The "New York" banner is apparently just a decoration of the bar at which the image was taken.


The banner does, however, give further fuel to the desire that Mayara's fans have expressed that she find her way to New York to do some full-figured modelling Stateside, and in the process, show the North American industry the ideal look and shape of a true plus-size model.

31st January 2012, 20:11
The Brazilian plus-size fashion web log Mulherão features a number of further images from Mayara's outing in "New York."


As the post indicates, and as the sign above the edifice attests, "New York City" is, in fact, a restaurant in São Paolo where a publicity deal for FWPS was struck, with Mayara on hand.


She looks stunningly curvaceous -- more gorgeous than ever -- with rounder facial features, womanly hips, and full legs.


I rather find it appropriate that plus-size fashion meetings should be held at establishments of fine dining. Here's another photo from the event:


Mayara's portion of the photo is a bit distorted, owing to the camera angle, but she remains gorgeous.


No question that the real New York would greatly benefit from the presence of Mayara on the roster of a plus-size modelling agency!