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9th February 2012, 17:31
<br>Last year's fall and winter <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=2363" target="_blank">promotions</a> from Sealed with a Kiss, featuring gorgeous plus-size model Kelsey Olson photographed by Michael Anthony, caused an absolute sensation, so it's wonderful to see that for 2012, SWAK designs is bringing this legenday model/photographer team together once more.

Better still, this time, the company has ventured on a location shoot, a ranch in Southern California, the rustic location of which harmonizes perfectly with Miss Olson's natural beauty. The dramatic, open sky introduces a quality of expansive freedom into the shoot.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak06.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak06c.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Kelsey looks breathtakingly beautiful, plunging her hands into her tresses and adopting a pouty, vain look, while the strapless, sleeveless dress exposes her rounded arms and soft shoulders. The other model exhibits a pretty curve under the chin, her orange dress playing off well against the greenery of the location, and the blossom in the hair an attractive, feminine touch.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak06.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak06b.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>A second preview image from SWAK finds Kelsey posing in a doorway, screening her delicate, fair complexion from the rays of the sun.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak05.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak05a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Miss Olson arranges her figure into a fascinating shape, stretching out her arms in a sensually languid manner as if she were Sleeping Beauty awakening, with the dawn, from her slumber. She seems to invite an embrace. The golden bracelets add to her princess-like allure and complement her purple dress.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak05.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak05b.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>The third preview image comes straight from the viewscreen of Michael Anthony's camera. How thrilling to see Kelsey in our favourite Judgment of Paris shade of aristocratic purple--a hue that suits her so well. She appears dreamy and romantic, lost in reverie, the wind gently playing with her golden tresses.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak07.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak07b.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Her complexion is fair and rosy, with flushed cheeks. Her neck and arms appear sensually soft and full. The dress hints at the luxurious womanliness of her hips.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak07.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swak07c.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>If these dramatic masterpieces are simply the preview images, then we cannot even begin to imagine how gorgeous the final results of this shoot will be. Bravo to SWAK for taking Kelsey out onto a location shoot, into just the kind of natural setting that harmonizes with her ripe, luscious beauty. Kudos to Kelsey for her captivating work, and to Mr. Hermogeno for capturing all of this gorgeousness on film in his uniquely eye-catching manner.

(Click images to view larger.)

- <a href="http://www.swakdesigns.com/" target="_blank">Sealed with a Kiss</a>

9th February 2012, 18:38
Oh, my goodness, so beautiful! This is sure to be one of my all-time favourite photoshoots of Kelsey.

23rd February 2012, 16:45
While we're eagerly waiting for the images from the look book to emerge, photographer Michael Anthony posted a behind-the-scenes image from a studio shoot at SWAK that apparently took place today.


Kelsey looks gorgeous in her fitted blue top, and I love how the jeans disclose some fullness at her middle. The hand gesture is delicate and graceful. Those blue eyes are hauntingly beautiful.


Larger: http://i41.tinypic.com/f1l06d.jpg

I can't wait to see more from this shoot...

26th February 2012, 03:35
Like everyone else, I'm simply dying to see the location-shoot look book that this thread previews.

In the meantime, Sealed with a Kiss features no less than five Kelseys on its cover page. This takes the popular triptych idea seen in various photo shoots recently and augments it.


I can't say that this my favourite Kelsey hairstyle, but her figure looks fantastic in the dress, which closely wraps and embraces her curves. Also, something about the sequence of Kelseys reminds me of the vixens in the Robert Palmer music videos from the 1980s ("Addicted to Love (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcATvu5f9vE)," "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d51FaknDwzA)" and "Simply Irresistible (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrGw_cOgwa8)").


I think it's the stark makeup, with the red lip colour against Kelsey's pale skin, the pulled-back hair, and especially Kelsey's pouty facial expressions.


Gorgeous images of Kelsey - but oh, it's just marking time before the debut of the look book...

27th February 2012, 05:16
Here's an extraordinary treat for fans of Kelsey who have been looking forward to the forthcoming look book. SWAK Designs recently released an exciting behind-the-scenes video offering teasing glimpses of the making of the shoot:

<object width="690" height="423"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/4MWDqbHEqJA?version=3&amp;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/4MWDqbHEqJA?version=3&amp;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="690" height="423" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

Watch for breathtakingly beautiful shots of Miss Olson throughout the clip, especially the views of her in her lovely purple dress and wearing a flower in her hair. Kelsey truly looks princess-like. The setting is gorgeous.

Add me to the list of viewers eager to see this campaign when it debuts. It will clearly be amazing.

28th February 2012, 05:54
<br>The video is a beautiful production in and of itself and promises a captivating spring campaign from Sealed with a Kiss.

It begins, dramatically enough, with a title sequence reminiscent of film credits.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid01.png" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid01a.png" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>The opening shot, with the the trees reaching heavenward toward the kind of impossibly blue sky that, in January, one only sees on the West Coast, has a perceptibly fairy-tale quality. The caption, "One sunny day in California . . . ," calls to mind the eternal storybook opening, "Once upon a time . . ."<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid17.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid17a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>A shot soon afterward cleverly echoes the introductory view of sunlight, with photographer Michael Anthony's flashgun firing a burst of dazzling white light to fill in the foreground of his composition. The video offers several rare glimpses of the master at work.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid02.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid02a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>And what do we find on the other end of Mr. Hermogeno's lens? Why, none other that Miss Olson, in the video's lone formal shot Kelsey "in action," as it were. Observe how effectively the rich verdure in the background--those towering trees, that fertile orchard--complements the model's stunning purple dress, a dress that, with its sweetheart neckline, exhibits her buxom décolletage and bares her soft, full limbs.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid03.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid03a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Kelsey's expression is captivating, a haunting gaze that is simultaneously alluring and vulnerable. Note how she seductively raises the hem of her dress, disclosing a tantalizing glimpse of her bare, white legs. The sunlight gilds her tresses and illuminates her dazzlingly fair skin.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid03.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid03b.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>While the previous still creates the impression of a private communion between the photographer and his model, the scene actually involved a whole team of professionals, as the following view reveals. One sees two assistants on set, another individual holding a reflector dish to gently illuminate the foreground of the composition, another photographer shooting Michael while he shoots Kelsey (!), and the second SWAK model involved in the shoot sitting and watching Miss Olson perform--no doubt in awe of her technique and trying to pick up some pointers from the blonde beauty.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid04.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid04a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>The shot is playfully indiscreet, as it catches Kesley adjusting her dress. Nevertheless, the profile view shows how attractive the garment is on her physique, its sheer fabric clinging to her opulent contours. The model in the left foreground, meanwhile, exhibits soft, lovely curves along her back.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid04.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid04c.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Subsequent views show Miss Olson strolling along the hillside of this bucolic setting, the green foliage marvellously complementing her plum gown. Her shapely arms appear soft and full, her complexion enchantingly fair.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid06.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid06a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Next, Kelsey adopts the "modest model" pose that is one of her signature looks, and even generates a slight flush that brings an adorable touch of pink colour to her cheeks. (This is one of the reasons why fairness is such a desired quality in light-skinned goddesses--it gives models, via blushing, an extra method of evoking emotion in their images, while any form of tanning deprives them of this quintessentially feminine practice.)<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid07.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid07a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Two further images of Kelsey in her plum gown find her adopting a big, open-mouthed smile that gladdens the heart. Her tresses seem to glow with their own aureate light. This heavenly radiance, along with the model's ever-so-fair complexion, the paradisaical woodland behind her, and the celestial sky in the background, make her truly seem to be an angel on earth.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid14.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid14a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Note the glint in Kelsey's eye as she smiles. Never will we forget the loveliness of Miss Olson's profile, a countenance so pretty that the artist who rendered her silhouette, during our Disneyland <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/part3.htm" target="_blank">interview</a> with the model, was moved to comment on her beauty.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid15.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid15a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>The final sequences of Kelsey images from the teaser finds her in what is sure to be the most acclaimed look of the spring campaign--the violet sleeveless dress accessorized with a delicate purple blossom. The model looks dreamy and wistful in close-up, with the gentle breeze stroking her tresses and causing them to flutter across her cheeks.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid05.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid05a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>A shot from below offers a hint of the model's décolletage and situates Kelsey against the perfect, cloudless blue sky, as if she were half of this world and half an Olympian deity, with the blue empyrean her natural home.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid08.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid08a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>If the previous image showed an aristocratic nobility on Miss Olson's part, then the following picture, in which she gazes down upon the mere mortals who worship her, is softer and more modest, with Kelsey adopting a gentle, disarming smile. The pink lip colour ideally suits her peaches-and-cream complexion and goes well with the outfit, especially that enchanting flower blossom.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid09.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid09a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>As she raises her hand to brush a stray tress from her face, the viewer notices the pretty dimples at the model's knuckles, one of the subtlest yet most sensual of all figure features in true plus-size goddesses.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid10.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid10a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>A final glimpse showcases the round fullness of her seductively untoned arms, their lovely, feminine shape due to a complete absence of unattractive "tone," instead exhibiting the softness of natural, well-fed flesh.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid11.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid11a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>We would be remiss not to include a few images of the other model involved in the shoot, whose name, apparently, is Jenn. Her wonderful citrus dress plays off of Kelsey's outfits like matching popsicle flavours: Jenn wearing orange to Kelsey's grape. She too exhibits full, rounded arms, an ample bust, and a seductive curve under the chin.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid13.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid13a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Another image of photographer Michael Anthony finds him refining Jenn's look, rather like a sculptor who puts the last bit of polish on his masterpiece. The model's arms appear gorgeously soft and fleshy.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid12.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid12a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>The final outdoor scene offers the loveliest view of all of the campaign's gorgeous setting, with the model situated in an orchard so pretty that one might have imagined it to be a shot of Provence or the Tuscan countryside. The sunlight dapples her dress in a manner worthy of Renoir.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid16.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid16a.jpg" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>Like a "To be continued" tag at the end of an installment of a movie franchise, the last shot is sure to leave Kelsey fans breathless with anticipation for the forthcoming look book.<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid00.png" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/swak/swakvid00a.png" border="0" title="Click to enlarge" alt="Click to enlarge"></a></center><p>As these stills from the teaser video confirm, this is sure to be one of the most beautiful promotions that the plus-size fashion industry has yet produced, and a high water mark for the acclaimed creative duo of Kelsey Olson and Michael Anthony.

Time and again, we find it confirmed that no images created in bleak, bare studios can approach the stunning beauty of images shot in gorgeous, outdoor locations. Such natural landscapes dramatically expand the aesthetic impact of fashion photography. No wonder Renaissance painters so often depicted Classical goddesses in idyllic Arcadian dreamscapes. The verdant enchantment of the backdrops harmonizes with the allure of luscious femininity to create a unified presentation of ideal, natural beauty.

(Click images to view larger.)

- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=2363" target="_blank">Kelsey's most recent SWAK campaign</a>

13th March 2012, 04:09
While browsing the SWAK site, I discovered Kesley in among the online catalogue, modelling a versatile wrap cardigan.


It does indeed wrap close to her figure, defining her buxom curves. Kelsey looks so pretty with this sweet, gentle look.


She then appears vivacious with this flirty, hand-in-the-hair pose. Bewitching.


In terms of size celebration, this rather different arrangement of the cardigan yields the most pro-curvy image, showing the swell of fullness at Kelsey's lower midsection, disclosed by her fitted jeans.


I also love how the blue colour brings out her fair eyes and complements her alabaster skin tone. Gorgeous

14th March 2012, 04:18
The forthcoming Sealed with a Kiss look book has a name. It will be called "Country Grace," which is a lovely title indeed, and very appropriate for the images.

On its web log, SWAK has now posted a number of interviews with each of the participants. Here's the Kelsey chat. As always, she comes across as humble, dedicated, and very kind -- and also fun-loving.


This quote sums up her sincerity and vivaciousness very well:

What was the best moment of the day for you?

The whole day was awesome… but my favorite part would be when Sarah (Sapora) expressed how happy she was with how everything turned out. That makes me feel like I did a great job as well as everyone that worked on this shoot. Wait… and the fact that I got to walk around a beautiful horse in 5 inch high heels… I mean that something you dont do everyday.
The post comes with a beautiful image of Kelsey, looking especially curvaceous, standing alongside the horses that feature in the shoot:


Michael's interview is also fascinating:


I love his description of the thinking behind the shoot. I can't wait to view the pictures to see how they match his vision:

What was your favorite setup of the day?

My favorite looks of the day were the set ups with the stable and horses. The look and styling of Jenn’s set was retro and iconic. Without looking typically pinup, it had a classic Western vibe to it. Kelsey in the open field with the horse was just dynamic and striking. Both looks were stunning in their own rights, and equally impactful.

The other model in the shoot, Jenn Purviance, also has an interesting story to tell:


The page comes with a beautiful picture of the model showing off her legs. This is what being a plus-size model should be all about: Jenn has soft, naturally shaped, full legs, with dimpled flesh. Nothing "toned" or artificial. True plus-size beauty.


From what I understand, Sarah Sapora, the SWAK Director of Marketing and Creative Development, is the person who brings the team together and makes it all happen. Her interview is this very enlightening.


It's interesting to read how she put together the whole project. Her candid revelations are also interesting, such as this tidbit, where she mentions that her favourite photograph is

the shots of the two girls together in the field where so natural and really, truly, fun. Kelsey and Jenn had never met before, but interacted together like old friends.

In her interview, Brittany Sullivan, the shoot's makeup artist, also mentions how the models "clicked" as soon as they met.


What was the best moment of the day for you?

I’m not sure the photos of Kelsey and Jenn holding hands while walking merrily down the dirt path will make it to the final product, but these ladies were such great sports. Jenn and Kelsey agreed to hold hands as they pretend-giggled for the 5th grade bff look we were going for…they had just met an hour before.
That sounds adorable! I'd love to see it. I also like how she describes the different approaches that she took to making up the two models, given their different skin tones. From the video screencaps, it's clear that she did a great job. Kelsey's complexion looks so fair and fresh in the pictures.

On Kelsey, I like a flushed pink cheek, on Jenn, bronzer and a berry blush.
All of these revelations just make me even more eager to see the look book! I can't wait...