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21st February 2012, 17:42
About a week ago, I received an e-mail flyer from the British plus-size clothing retailer Ann Harvey with an image of a model who looked uncannily familiar. I wasn't completely sure it was her until I received a second e-mail ad, earlier today, featuring the same model, which convinced me: it's Sophie Sheppard. Who better to headline a collection termed "feminine" and "romantic"? Better still, calling this the "Porcelain Doll" collection suggests that it was made with Sophie in mind. Clearly the collection was meant to evoke the timeless ideal of fair, feminine beauty.


The second e-mail ad that I received, which convinced me of Sophie's identity, is a particularly beautiful image of the model, showing the fullness of her facial features. I also think this is a much more gorgeous hairstyle for her than the other. (I'm never a fan of parting the hair straight down the middle.) The top suggests how buxom she is. It's a very glamorous evening look.


Then, going to the Ann Harvey Web site, I was pleased to find Sophie on the cover.


Here's the main image with the text removed. She truly is a feminine, romantic, porcelain doll. Absolutely breathtaking.


I'm glad to see that the enthusiasm that fans have expressed for Sophie's work has been rewarded with such an exciting season for her. May this be the beginning of many wonderful campaigns for this stunning beauty- who, I earnestly hope, will remain curvy and not diminish her luscious proportions, because it is the fullness of her figure which makes her one of the most important, as well as beautiful, plus-size models in the world.


26th February 2012, 22:21
The one other URL at the Ann Harvey site that features images of Sophie -- albeit tiny ones -- is the "Collections" landing page:


http://www.annharveyfashion.co.uk/images/ProductCategories/annharvey149981MED.jpg http://www.annharveyfashion.co.uk/images/ProductCategories/annharvey149898LOW.jpg
http://www.annharveyfashion.co.uk/images/ProductCategories/annharvey149660LOW.jpg http://www.annharveyfashion.co.uk/images/ProductCategories/Untitled-1.jpg

The gown seen in the Oscar ad that Kaitlynn posted is at the bottom right. I'd love to see that picture at a larger size. It's a stunning image.

Watching the Academy Awards this evening, I certainly see no actresses or celebrities on the red carpet who even come close to approximating Miss Sheppard's glamorous beauty.

M. Lopez
29th February 2012, 06:15
Ann Harvey has now posted one of those four tiny "Collections" images at a larger size on the company's home page.


It's a breathtaking presentation of Sophie's loveliness. She looks especially youthful here, a living doll, with her fair skin, candy-pink lips, and masses of golden hair. The sight of her deep décolletage, on the other hand, generates irresistible, mature sensuality.


Sophie's beauty is astonishing. She truly is a living goddess.

1st March 2012, 22:14
In reference to a topic that came up in a different thread (http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=2421) , Brigitte Bardot may or may not be trending in plus-size fashion, but the French Riviera (the setting of her most famous film) certainly is.

Ann Harvey has included Sophie's new cover image in an e-mail ad referencing styles inspired by the Côte d'Azur.


Sophie looks gorgeous in this top, and the full-length view indicates how the outfit suggests her womanly hips. Her complexion is truly as fair as porcelain. Her eyes are big and blue as the waters of the Mediterranean.

While the winter weather is all around us, it's very pleasant to dream of low-cut tops, white slacks, and the warmth of a sunny retreat.

3rd March 2012, 05:37
Sophie's British agency, Milk Management, has now added an image to her online portfolio which clearly comes from this Ann Harvey campaign.


What a lovely picture of Sophie in a rustic-looking feminine dress and a folkloric cardigan. The photo may have been taken in a studio, but I can easily imagine her sitting in a field of grass in this outfit. It's such a traditional, quintessentially girlish look, easily associated with either English village life or the American Midwest. Truly evocative and beautiful.

6th March 2012, 06:12
In a move that's sure to delight every Sophie Sheppard fan, her finest Ann Harvey image now appears on the company's home page.


This truly is a stunning presentation of Sophie's beauty, showing the rich fullness of her facial features, her flowing golden hair, her buxom voluptuousness, and a suggestion of seductive expansiveness at the waist.


The dress is also attractive, an opulent vintage style that's reminiscent of something Lillian Russell might have worn.

Breathtaking beauty.

28th March 2012, 08:27
Ann Harvey has now released four eye-catching behind-the-scenes photos of its shoot with gorgeous Sophie Sheppard. I've posted the links to the original, full-size versions below each image.

Here's the most popular pic, the shot of Sophie in her curve-accentuating evening gown. Notice that the lighting is appropriately darker for this picture than for the other three.



I've not yet seen this image at the Ann Harvey site. I love the fact that the dress is sleeveless. It attractively indicates fullness at Sophie's midsection.



Here's another photo that hasn't turned up at the Ann Harvey site, at least as long as I've been viewing it. Sophie looks beautiful in this fuchsia hue.



She also looks pretty in this floral print, which has frequently appeared in the company's advertising, as seen earlier in this thread.



Dramatic images of a truly stunning model.

M. Lopez
29th March 2012, 20:07
I've not yet seen this image at the Ann Harvey site. I love the fact that the dress is sleeveless. It attractively indicates fullness at Sophie's midsection.
In fact, that picture has just now shown up at AnnHarvey.co.uk, and it is indeed a gorgeous photo of Sophie.


This is a beautiful hairstyle on Sophie, and her expression is very effective - not a smiling pose, but not a "mean" look either; rather, quite an alluring gaze. She seems lit from within, as her complexion is so luminously fair. The luscious lip colour adds just the right touch of freshness to the look.


31st March 2012, 18:32
First of all, thank you so much for adding me as a member. This is a wonderful site, celebrating the essence and the ideals of beauty through the ages. It is so refreshing to encounter essays and posts replete with references to great art and literature.

Regarding the lovely Sophie Sheppard, I believe that she may be the most beautiful model working today. And, like Katherine Roll, my other favorite model, much of her allure flows from the confidence she so naturally exudes in every photo I've seen of her. Confidence in the supremacy of her abundant beauty, a triumphant sense that she'll command any room she walks into, as well as the attention of everyone in the room. Quite simply, a extraordinarily beautiful woman.

31st May 2012, 09:00
Just wanted to share a beautiful new image of Sophie at the Ann Harvey site.


This is the current cover image. She looks gorgeous, and I love the colour of her top.