View Full Version : Sophie Sheppard on ''Lorraine''

6th April 2012, 17:31
Sophie's career in the U.K. is on fire. She appeared in another television spot for ITV the other day, this time for a show called Lorraine.

The theme of her segment was fashion for moms, so the attire isn't as curve-revealing as her Evans dress was for her other recent ITV showing. But Sophie nevertheless looks gorgeous. She appears at 2:37 in the video.

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Actually, the lead-in to the segment is quite interesting too, showing how notorious curve-o-phobic designer Karl Lagerfeld has had to apologize to the plus-size singer Adele for his insulting remarks.

The apology is welcome, but a part of me thinks that the entire episode was an orchestrated publicity stunt, from start to finish . . .