View Full Version : New Marks&Spencer model

27th December 2005, 06:06
Just to add to the list of interesting new models in the industry, I noticed a fresh face at Marks & Spencer who seems to be genuinely plus, with a rounder visage, and longer hair:


The pictures aren't very large, so it's hard to get a good impression, but the British companies almost always resort to non-plus-looking models in their ads, so it's nice to see M&S using someone a little curvier.

Here are two more photos of the same model. The clothing is a little on the dull side.

http://www.marksandspencer.com/Images/Catalog/Product/C/T942416MC.jpg http://www.marksandspencer.com/Images/Catalog/Product/C/T941211C.jpg

The best images Marks and Spencer ever produced were with Barbara Brickner, a few years ago, and then I remember they also used Lorna Roberts for a season or two. But I think this model could have potential as well, esp. with more interesting settings/photography.......