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1st May 2013, 15:16
It's wonderful to see a new modelling appearance by plus-size goddess Andrea Horblitt. She showed up on Good Day New York yesterday modelling an appealing denim/dress combination.

Andrea appears in the video beginning at 1:35. She does a cute walk to her mark, then maintains an adorably pouty grin as she shows off the outfit. She looks seductively buxom in her low-cut dress. Lovely long, fair tresses. Watch, at 2:16, as she turns just before walking off camera -- you can see the sensual curves along her back.

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Andrea is also something of a celebrity, and she's shown up on TMZ and been photographed at the Grammy Awards. Here she's caught in her car by a paparazzo from the Pop Candies celebrity site. But Andrea is very friendly with the photographer, sharing a few jokes with him. She wears an alluring low-cut white blouse, and her facial features look sensually full. Gorgeous.

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I've missed seeing Andrea's modelling work. I hope she'll be turning up in more photo shoots in the near future.

2nd June 2013, 17:50
A few days ago, lovely and curvaceous Andrea Horblitt appeared on a Showtime television program. The clip presents her discussing marketing strategy with one of the show's male stars. The gist of the segment is that the star had difficulty following Andrea's train of thought, because he was distracted by the sight of her buxom curves.

The program itself is very racy, and the comments that the star made were rather risqué. However, there is nothing that the modern world can create that cannot be corrected with the application of classical music. In this case, the show's soundtrack has been replaced with the "Éljen a Magyar" polka, performed by the Berlin Philharmonic, conducted by Herbert von Karajan. It's a shame to lose Andrea's part of the dialogue, but necessary, due to the male actor not comporting himself like a gentleman.

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Andrea herself looks absolutely gorgeous in the clip, with long, fair tresses arranged in romantic waves and a pretty outfit.