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1st January 2006, 06:11
<br>What better way could there be to start off 2006 than by celebrating the exciting work of one of the industry's most promising new stars?

Over the past week, several readers of this forum informed us that we simply <i>had</i> to identify the new David's Prom junior-plus model, assuring us that she was <i>"the most angelic vision of full-figured beauty"</i> whom they had ever seen.

One tends to be suspicious of hyperbole such as this, but it turns out that their assessments were absolutely correct.

If anything, they were understated.

At first, we thought that the goddess in question might be Kelsey Olson, but a friend informed us that this wasn't the case, but rather, that she was the Ford agency's dazzling young starlet, <strong><a href="http://www.fordmodels.com/fmvideo/video2.cfm?video_url=ko30_31_1_1.flv" target="_blank">Kailee O'Sullivan</a></strong>. And the identification seems reasonably persuasive.

Seldom, if ever, has the anti-modern, timeless aesthetic of true feminine beauty been presented in such a compelling way. Every one of the adjectives that were bestowed on the legendary <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=254" target="_blank">Countess Skavronskaia</a> in her lifetime apply to Kailee as well. She has the peaches-and-cream complexion of a fairy-tale princess. Her fair tresses frame the divine roundness of her facial features like a halo (a fitting attribute for such transcendent beauty), and cascade freely over her soft shoulders. And never has any model experienced as breathtaking a transformation through the adoption of a different hair colour than Kailee. Her attractions were already magnified when she lighted her hair from brown to auburn, but now, they have increased tenfold, thanks to her golden mane.

A living synthesis of Antique and Christian aesthetics, Kailee cleverly adopts a sweet and kind expression in this image, which plays up her angelic traits, while her Classically-proportioned figure testifies to her sensual, goddesslike qualities.

Kailee's arms--perhaps her most gorgeous features--exhibit the natural shapeliness that only comes by avoiding starvation and exercise-torture. The contrast between the softness of her white arm, and the bone-thin limb with which it is interlocked, is remarkable.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/ks/davids02b.jpg"></center><p>And the dress could not possibly have been better chosen. It makes the angelic nature of her beauty that much more pronounced. The baby-blue/green colour perfectly compliments her heavenly-fair skin, honey tresses, blue eyes, and pink accents. The empire cut of the dress is comfortable around a full waist, while framing the model's decolletage in an alluring but tasteful way.

We must particularly compliment David's Bridal not only for styling Kailee in such a breathtaking manner, but for presenting Kailee in such a favourable light, in relation to the other models. Rather than placing her at the margins, they have situated Kailee right in the middle of the ad, so that the viewer's eye cannot help but gaze directly at her, and her alone. She is the centrepiece of this image in every way, and she effectively renders the other girls invisible. Even through the loose dress, the generous lines of her figure look richer and more natural than the narrow frames of her rivals.

She is the high-born Princess, and the others are her handmaidens.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/ks/davids01d.jpg"></center><p>This arrangement reminds us of Gabrielle Taber's vision of a curvaceous vixen whom she once saw at a local shopping mall:<p><blockquote><i>She was this beautiful size-16 Britney look-alike. She was dressed in an amazing ensemble, which gave the impression that at any moment she might break out in song and dance. She had pink, frosty gloss on her lips . . . Her blonde wavy hair was flying every which way, as she led her group of friends from shop to shop . . . She looked confident, happy, self-possessed and, well, trendy. Her friends, (none of whom were proportioned as generously as she,) were all ooh-ing and aah-ing at every comment she made. It seemed that it was she who had won the crown of Miss Popularity, as she paraded down the mall with her posse of seven.</i></blockquote><p>David's Bridal must have taken one look at Kailee, and realized that it simply <i>couldn't</i> place her at the side. No one would believe it. In any milieu, in any time period, a damsel as gorgeous as this would inevitably become the centre of attention, loved and admired (and envied) by all. Their image rightly reflects this.

And while Kailee may not be a size 16, she does appear more intoxicatingly curvaceous here than in her past tests. Her height (5'6 ) works to her favour, of course, since it is far more difficult for taller models to look curvy than beauties who stand at a more normal height. (A non-Amazonian height is also the secret to Christina Schmidt's perfect plus proportions.)

Obviously, Kailee will soon become the newest addition to our survey page. She is a remarkable embodiment of timeless beauty, and more than a little reminiscent of another legendary Irish goddess, Shannon Marie. We earnestly hope that Kailee achieves many career successes in 2006, so that the public is further graced by her celestial loveliness.

And hopefully, many young vixens will be inspired by Kailee's images, and will realize that the Prom is their night to take centre stage, and to capture the hearts of any GQ heartthrobs whom they may fancy--to do with as they please.<p>- <a href="http://www.davidsprom.com/asseenin.jsp" target="_blank">David's Bridal Prom site</a>

M. Lopez
2nd January 2006, 04:02
I think Kailee looks adorable, and the blonde hair looks exquisite on her. Plus, it's so nice to see fair skin becoming admired again. Not only is it healthier (no cancer-causing sun exposure), but it sets off the light feminine pastel colors especially well, as seen in this image.

Perhaps it's true that Irish girls are inclined to be timeless beauties. Charlotte Coyle also comes to mind.

And I must say, Kailee is still quite slim, and only looks curvier because the girls beside her are skin-and-bones toothipicks. But what I particularly respect about Kailee is that she has a visibly soft figure. I think exercise-industry propaganda poses a real danger to young women, and they need to see that they don't need to waste their lives in gym prisons to be beautiful, and that naturally softness is much more attractive than artificial hardness. Crystal Renn mentioned on The View how she was on the point of complete physical collapse at one point from over-exercise. It can be as self-destructive as dieting, or worse. The industry needs more models like Kailee, Christina Schmidt, etc, who have natural-looking figures.

3rd January 2006, 03:34
I think Kailee has perfect plus-size model beauty, although if she were a little curvier, that would be okay too. But other than that, I hope no one ever tries to change the amazing look she has right now. She reminds me so much of the ladies in the paintings by Angelo Asti that I have seen posted on this forum, especially with her fair features.

The amazing this is that she represents millions of young girls in America who have a look like hers - soft figure, fair skin. I just don't understand why this look (which she shares with Shannon Marie, Christina, and Valerie a few seasons ago) is so rare, in the media today. This IS the beauty they have suppressed for so long.

I'll bet many more curvy girls would go to the prom, if they saw models like Kailee more often.