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M. Lopez
2nd January 2006, 04:19
I found an interesting article at the British newspaper, The Guardian, today. I think it's an important statement about the fact that "so-called curvy and voluptuous" celebrities are still extremely thin, and that what's needed is genuinely plus-size actresses.

The link is here, but since it's short, I'll also paste the text below.


I vehemently disagree with one point in the article, however. The writer says,

"The opposite of Paris Hilton is Dawn French, not Scarlett Johansson."

But that's so wrong!! What's needed is not "the opposite of Paris Hilton," but "Paris Hilton at a size 16" (or, for that matter, someone prettier than Paris to begin with, like a plus-size model or actress).

The other kind of thinking equates plus-size with ugly, and thinness with beauty, which is even worse than a mixed message - it's a negative one.

So I would amend that statement to read,

"The superior of Paris Hilton is Barbara/Christina/Charlotte/Kelsey, not Scarlett Johansson."


Celebrity etiquette
All hail the 'fuller-figured' celeb. But just remember - she's still a size 10

Alice Fisher
Sunday January 1, 2006

We like to think we're fluent in celebritese, the international language of waffle and euphemism used by gossip mags, but we're flummoxed by the current coverage of socalled 'curvy and voluptuous' stars. We get that looking super-skinny is now deemed bad by the media (as well as all doctors, nutrionists and mums up and down the country), but why do magazines think simply adding the word 'curvy' to a picture caption will make it seem as if they're genuinely featuring fullfigured celebrities on their pages?

Catherine Zeta-Jones has a bosom, but that doesn't make her buxom. Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have bottoms, but they're teeny-weeny put-them-in-your-pocket size. Charlotte Church says, 'I'm happy with my figure.' So she should be, she's a size 10.

We're pleased to see skeletal celebs chastised, but claiming normalsized women are curvy is not an improvement. Remember: the opposite of Paris Hilton is Dawn French, not Scarlett Johansson. And using buxom in the wrong context is just playing with our heads!

2nd January 2006, 22:02
I know what you mean. I look through these magazines that claim that some of the women are curvy just because they have large breasts, but they wear a size 8. Sometimes I just shake my head in disappointment at how hard the media tries to make being a size 6 acceptable, just by adding curvy to the text. All i have to say is that we are getting there.