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24th March 2014, 21:49
It's been far too long since we saw some of Anne Thornton, the dessert specialist who so very much resembles a plus-size model, with her luscious, curvy appearance.

The YouTube channel of The Queen Latifah Snow recently posted a video of Anna on the program in an episode from earlier this year, in which she demonstrates some of her recipes. Watch for a shot of Anne looking especially buxom at just prior to the 2-minute mark.

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The same YouTube channel also features a clip of the show from Hallowe'en of last year, which featured Anne dressed in the attire of Ceres, the Classical goddess of food, famous for providing Venus with the delectables that the pagan world's well-fed goddess of beauty craved.

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With her soft, blonde beauty, Anne is, in fact, Venus and Ceres in one.