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12th January 2006, 20:25
Here is a picture that I know everybody will love. It's new from Torrid. It has Christina Schmidt in pink! It's very different from her other shots. It's much more sweet and pretty and innocent - but not too innocent, he he. I love how she manages to change her expression and personality completely to suit the item. It looks like really comfortable sleepwear.

I think pink is Christina's very best color.


12th January 2006, 23:55
<br>The photograph is utterly breathtaking, and even as part of such an extraordinary campaign, in which one image after another has been completely captivating, this is a truly remarkable photo. In keeping with the cute, feminine outfit (the ribbon-like straps are enchanting), Christina adopts a softer, gentler demeanour than in many of the images in this series, but she still endows the image with liveliness and personality. Not only does the model possess one of the most perfect figures in the industry for plus-size modelling, but this image particularly emphasizes the round beauty of her facial features. And the hair spilling freely over her shoulders is the <i>piece de resistance.</i>

One could easily imagine Christina being photographed by the Hollywood paparazzi in a trendy but feminine outfit such as this, her beaming smile then printed on dozens of celebrity magazine covers. Rather than anorexic, skeletal stars, <i>this</i> is the ideal of healthy, vibrant young womanhood that the media should be offering to modern society--timeless beauty interpreted in an up-to-date way.

We eagerly await the day when Hollywood’s ingenues will exhibit the kind of natural curves that Christina possesses. Thank goodness that Torrid is bringing that day one step closer, with every image that it creates.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/torrid20.jpg"></center><p>(Kudos again to photographer Michael Anthony, who never fails to capture Christina at her best.)

14th January 2006, 08:48
I dont think Ive ever seen Christina in pink before - and it looks great on her. I like how Renata put it, that she looks innocent, but not TOO innocent, a little more mischievous than that. She still puts so much of her personality in her expressions. With her face, Christina could just stand there and be so beautiful, but she gives each picture so much more life.

And I love the top. Anything that shows off the arms and shoulders is flattering, and the ruching at the bust is very attractive. It has that old-fashioned-but-trendy look. Its long enough that you could wear it without anything else. Perfect college/dorm wear, where youre always looking for something that you can slip on just to go down the hall at night, or wherever.

14th January 2006, 15:08
Christina looks gorgeous- and I love that dress! It looks perfect on her. I wouldn't just wear it as sleepwear, though- it looks like it would make a cute sundress or a beach cover-up.