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15th January 2006, 23:56
Everybody who already realizes how ridiculous all of today's anti-plus propaganda is can give the following link a pass. But if anyone is still doubtful, here's a review of a recently-released book that drives the nail even further into the coffin of today's weight hysteria:


It reaffirms what we already knew -- that the whole anti-plus campaign is just a manufactured epidemic, fabricated by weight-loss profiteers. Here's an example of the findings:

"Like other organizations financed primarily by drug companies that don the 'neutral' mantle of science," Oliver writes, "the primary mission of the AOA and the IOTF [curve-o-phobic propagandists] is to lobby governments and advance particular scientific agendas that coincide with the pharmaceutical industry's goals.

"Few realize that the effort to establish a worldwide standard for what is overweight and ob*** was sponsored primarily by a company that makes a weight-loss pill." [/I]
Sickening, but also predictable. The truly tragic thing in all of this is how many government agencies buy in to these bogus findings -- leading to tragedies such as that of the young girl who developed anorexia specifically because of her school's humiliating weigh-in practices.

This madness must end.

16th January 2006, 16:47
<br> It's simply unbelievable what society allows the weight-loss exploiters to get away with. Here is an industry that exists for the sole purpose of convincing happy women that they shouldn't be happy, and beautiful women that they aren't beautiful.

And then, it proceeds to <i>make</i> these women unhappy through starvation and exercise-torture, and to destroy (through figure diminishment) whatever beauty they possessed.

In any sane society, this industry would be considered as pernicious to the public good as illegal substances (which similarly ruin people's lives). The idea that any woman would actually allow herself to be duped by this nonsensical propaganda simply testifies to the lingering power of the mass media.

But in truth, no matter how many curve-o-phobic headlines predict that the sky is falling because women are becoming more curvaceous, the fact is that this entire debate is receding from public interest. The majority of women are becoming increasingly comfortable with their naturally opulent figures, and the majority of men are no longer succumbing to peer pressure, but are entering into relationships with the plus-size goddesses whom they have always desired.

The gap between planet Hollywood and planet earth, between media culture and human culture, has never been more apparent. Soon, the media will have no choice but to acknowledge the timeless beauty that modern society has rediscovered, or it will be rendered obsolete.

Luscious Lindsey Garbelman (Arthur Arthur, size 14/16) glowing for Aurora Formals, Spring 2006:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/lindsey/aurora32a.jpg"></center>

16th January 2006, 19:43
Unfortunately, in our current society, misery not only loves company, it makes for big profits. But the good news is that thanks to the Internet and self-publishing options, there are people out there restoring the "human culture," calling for or celebrating the good, the creative, and the sweet in life. I'm an optimist, and it takes a while, but I feel the more people speak out and participate in the human culture, the more society will move back to a place of sanity.