View Full Version : Cacique - Valentine's unmentionables

M. Lopez
30th January 2006, 12:46
It's not as pretty as last year's Valentine promotion, which was photographed in that amazing, dreamlike environment that looked like paradise on earth, but still, Lane Bryant has a new Valentine's campaign that's quite pretty, and well worth a look.

There's a short flash intro at the home page:


and then, a number of still images at the following URL:


Maiysha has the curviest figure, and consequently looks most attractive in the lingerie. I still miss the exciting Kate Dillon of her Mode days, when she was fuller figured, but the fair hair is very becoming on her, and I especially like the pink lipstick that they gave her. It adds so much to the look. And at least Kate looks fuller and softer than the other models, who sadly don't look very plus at all.

30th January 2006, 15:58
Some of the images are pretty, and the blonde/pink theme is really lovely. Lane Bryant's photographer deserves credit too, because the models that he shoots always look better through his lens than in other campaigns.

I agree, though, that the models should be more consistently full-figured. Some of those images almost make you think that LB is now making straight-size products...

The promotion puts me in mind of an article about Nicole Kidman that I read today. Apparently, she is deliberately gaining weight in order to look more desirable for her current boyfriend, and is eagerly buying lingerie to accentuate her curvier figure:


The best quote is:

"Since meeting Keith, Nicole's relaxed her diet and started working to give herself a curvier and sexier frame. There's a little more to her now."

Nicole would need "a lot more to her," and not just "a little more to her," to become a goddess. But this is a good sign, because she has always been a poster-girl for Hollywood's underweight standard. So for Nicole to want to become "curvier and sexier"- in other words, to realize that a fuller figure would make her more attractive- is a sign of progress.

Now that the media has acknowledged that she has "relaxed her diet" specifically to look better, hopefully many women who look to her as a style icon will do the same.

30th January 2006, 20:27
Maiysha looks lovely, if I may say so. This is some of the best work from her in a while and it is not surprising because she has always done fantastic work for Lane Bryant. Her figure is perfect for this lingerie and also I think her skin tone sets it off nicely.

Kate's hairstyle is very sweet and it's nice to see her doing more modeling for LB.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to see a glossy Cacique catalog like the fancy Victoria's Secret Valentine's and Christmas productions? With the right models, the steaminess quotient of such a catalog would be overwhelming.