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M. Lopez
1st February 2006, 15:32
It's a shame that Eddie Bauer doesn't publish a plus-size catalogue any more. They did for several seasons, and the book was always a quality production, photographed in great natural locations, and with true plus-size models.

The company's new spring campaign is definitely worth a look, though. It features Barbara in a dreamy landscape that reminds me of that gorgeous botanical-garden-like setting that Lane Bryant featured in its memorable spring promotion a year ago.

The loveliest campaigns are always those in which the beauty of the settings matches the beauty of the model, and that is definitely the case here. It's just a shame that the images are so small. These should be full-page ads in a magazine - or better yet, a complete editorial.


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21st March 2006, 14:30
For fans of Barbara, I found two product images at EddieBauer.com from this new spring campaign that are beautiful in just the way that only she can make them.

One shows a "Chino Blazer":


and the other a "Long Chino Blazer" (subtle distinction, yes?):


(Click on the thumbnails marked "Women's" to see her images.)

No model can match her for taking such basic apparel, and turning out such gorgeous imagery - and so consistently. The natural backdrops help too, but ultimately, it's Barbara proving once again that a plus-size goddess is a timeless beauty, even in everyday attire.

21st March 2006, 18:12
<br>Here are somewhat larger versions of the two EB images. Casual attire or not, Barbara's beauty absolutely glows:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/bd04.jpg"></center><p>It's quite instructive to compare these gorgeous photographs of Mrs. Brickner with the "Model" images that appear alongside her "Women's" thumbnails (the former showing the same apparel, but on straight-size waifs). Both outfits look <i>so</i> much better on Barbara, that it's incomprehensible why the company would used the other models at all--whether marketing to full-figured <i>or</i> to straight-size customers. The plus-size model's images show off the outfits infinitely better than do the straight-size model's pictures. On the waifs, the jackets hang limp and lifeless, but on Barbara's figure, they acquire a womanly shape, and look far more feminine than their design would otherwise suggest.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/bd05.jpg"></center><p>Eddie Bauer used to produce seasonal women's catalogues that were quite accomplished, featuring true plus-size models in expansive natural settings. The quality of these images of Barbara Brickner suggests that they would do well to revive the practice--or, to simply use plus-size models in lieu of their underweight mannequins. All women can derive healthy inspiration from the timeless ideal of true, womanly beauty.

23rd March 2006, 06:40
I think that Mrs. Brickner represents the beauty of woman in its maximum exponent because when we look at for Barbara's images we have the sensation of something intemporal - as true feminine beauty.

Mrs. Brickner has a presence and a smile that conquers the world, and this world needs many images such as these.

3rd April 2006, 19:45
The Eddie Bauer summer campaign is now online, with more stunning images of Barbara. They painfully small, though, which really disappoints me, because the photography looks lovely, and Barbara is at the peak of her beauty.

Here are my two favorites, a gorgeous sleeveless image,


and a shot of Barbara in a pretty, feminine blouse:


If I were an advertising rep, I would place these on the cover of the site, and use them in mail promotions, in-store advertising, etc. No straight-size model could ever represent the company as well as as Barbara can.