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8th February 2006, 00:06
<br>MXM and Penningtons, which are respectively the junior and "mature" divisions of the Reitmans family, tend to be overshadowed by Reitmans's own Encore campaigns with Barbara Brickner, which consistently produce the most gorgeous images in the industry, thanks to Barbara's legendary beauty.

But for this season, Reitmans has delayed the release of its full Encore campaign (although two gorgeous preliminary <a href="http://www.reitmans.com/en/style/specialtyBrandIntroPage.cfm?brandID=2" target="_blank">images</a> do indicate that Barbara will be headlining it--oh, the anticipation!). Therefore, it may be worth paying some attention to the promotions of the MXM and Penningtons lines in the interim, because these divisions have faithfully followed that most essential of all policies in terms of plus-size advertising: exclusively using models who are a size 14 or better.

First, MXM (<a href="http://www.mxm.ca/"" target="_blank">www.mxm.ca</a>) has given us an interesting campaign featuring Ashley Graham (although curiously, MXM has awarded her a pseudonym for this promotion--"Kate"). The following is, in fact, one of the MXM's and Miss Graham's best images, ever. The photographer has shot this popular young model in such a way as to emphasize her womanly proportions, showcasing rather than hiding the soft curves of her figure. The model has contributed to the appealing effect of the image by adopting a wonderfully languid pose (the hand in the hair is an especially nice touch), and the outfit is quite attractive, with a deftly-chosen colour scheme, and a close-fitting top. And skirts are always, <i>always</i> preferable to slacks, especially any kind of "flared" skirts.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/ag08.jpg"></center><p>As for Penningtons (<a href="http://www.penningtons.com/en/styles.cfm" target="_blank">www.penningtons.com</a>), it is wonderful to see L.A. Models's star Jeanna Crawford working for this company again (although she too has been given a pseudonym for the promotion--"Audrey"). She joins Maiysha, who appears in an attractive lingerie image. The Penningtons clothing is, of necessity, more conservative than the youthful MXM styles, but nevertheless, the image below is another good example of size-positive photography, not stinting in showing the natural curves of Jeanna's midriff.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/penningtons05.jpg"></center><p>We offer both MXM and Penningtons enthusiastic applause for their spring promotions. One can only hope that in the future, more companies will adopt their size-friendly approach to plus-size advertising, both in terms of employing models who wear a size 14 or better, and in photographing them so as to glorify rather than conceal their generous beauty.

15th March 2006, 14:27
I'm really impressed with both MXM and Penningtons. Their approach to plus-size photography has become very size-positive, and I wish more companies would follow their lead in allowing full-figured models to actually look curvaceous.

Here's a new picture of Jeanna Lynn, from the Penningtons site. I was so pleased with this one because they allowed the model to show off her full curves. The feeling I get from the image is very relaxed and comfortable. She really looks at ease with herself.


I also got a Penningtons mailer today, with another Jeanna Lynn photo. It's small, but you can see that they didn't try to alter the image, but proudly showed off the beauty of her soft facial features.


Here's the link to the mailer:


Like I said, it's nice to see models photographed on the basis that all curves are beautiful, and deserve to be adored. Bravo to Penningtons for getting it so right.

15th March 2006, 16:25
Interesting post! I received an MXM e-flyer today (I guess its "ad day"), with a pro-curvy picture of Ashley Graham:


No artificially compressed waist, thank you very much! And I especially appreciate the fact that she had a male model as an accessory. Its very important to stress this point - that plussize girls can have any guy they want, and never need to settle for second best. In the real world, "hot" guys are attracted to full-figured girls all the time. They date them, treat them like goddesses, and marry them. This fact is suppressed by the weight-control industry, because it undermines their brainwashing. But its the gospel truth.

Heres a link to the flyer: