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8th February 2006, 21:06
<br>Thanks to alerts from several readers, we are pleased to be able to share a gorgeous new Torrid ad featuring Crystal Renn that appears in the current issues of <i>Teen People, Seventeen, </i> and <i>Lucky</i> magazines (and possibly many more).

It is <i>so</i> nice to see Torrid pages in the major magazines once again, and this is by far one of Miss Renn's best images for this company. The generous decolletage is supremely eye-catching. The close fit of the skirt shows off the model's curves in an especially attractive way. (Note the clever reflection in the mirror, at the right side of the image.) Crystal's thick, luxuriant tresses tumble freely over her shoulders and down her back, adding greatly to the feminine allure of the image. Her expression is full of <i>joie de vivre,</i> and the context (a vanity table in a generalized stage/television setting) suggests the model's "star" quality. <i>"Yes,"</i> the ad affirms, <i>"curvy girls can be supermodels/superstars too."</i>

The overall feeling of the image, from the model's generous figure, so attractively presented, to her self-delighted laugh, is that life has been very, very good to this Torrid girl (and by implication, to Torrid girls in general). She is happy, satisfied, and adored by millions--and denies herself nothing. And this is a <i>perfect</i> message to be sending--not just to Torrid girls themselves, but to society in general.

<i>"This is what 'full-figured' really means,"</i> the ad seems to say. <i>"This is what girls who wear 'plus sizes' are actually like"</i>--not the demeaning caricatures that one sees in the mass media, but self-confident goddesses who are delighted with their own appearance--and with very good reason.

Bravo to Crystal and Torrid for getting it <i>so right.</i><p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cr/torrid06.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cr/torrid06a.jpg" border="0"></a></center><p>(You may click on the image to view it at a larger size.)

Xin Yi
8th February 2006, 22:05
How wonderful that this georgeous ad is appearing in mainstream publications! It's beauty will truly stand out among the images of starvation and depravation that typically fill those magazines.

14th March 2006, 01:12
<br>Torrid's spring campaign with Crystal Renn is now two for two--i.e., two resounding triumphs in a row.

The image below, which appears in the current issue of <i>Seventeen</i> magazine (as a helpful reader pointed out to us), is even more remarkable than the one above. The fit of the dress is body-consicous, the pose is wild (but stops short of vulgarity), and Crystal looks appealingly curvier than she has in much of her recent work.

The truly subversive power of this ad lies in the fact that the words "Plus Sizes" are placed so prominently in the image. They proudly define the specific manner of beauty that the model's voluptuous figure exhibits--i.e., full-figured feminine beauty. Any readers who see this page cannot help but have their view of plus-size women completely redefined, no matter how thoroughly the media has brainwashed them. Forever afterwards, whenever they counter the "plus-size" label, they will forever associate it with curvaceous Crystal, rather than with any stereotypes that the media perpetuates.

Miss Renn's spring campaign for Torrid has proven to be more consistently brilliant than last fall's, and is also far more noteworthy than the model's other current campaigns. Perhaps the secret to its success is the fact that the Torrid photographer has sought to accentuate Crystal's curves, rather than to hide them. This approach to shooting plus-size models is simultaneously alluring and size-positive, and we hope to see the trend proliferate throughout the industry.

As this image proves, for once and for all: <strong>"Plus Sizes" = "Beautiful Sizes"</strong>:<p><center><a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cr/torrid07.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cr/torrid07a.jpg" border="0"></a></center><p>(Click to view larger.)

- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/crystal.htm" target="_blank">Crystal Renn galleries</a>

3rd April 2006, 16:38
Has everybody seen Crystal's new Torrid cover? It's the best image of all three, by far. She looks so curvy here. In fact, it's one of her most plus-looking shots ever. It's gorgeous, and it really celebrates her figure, including her curvaceous midriff.


I also love her accessories, and it's great to see Torrid promoting shorter-length dresses. I wonder if this is, or will be, a magazine ad too? I hope so. This is what plus-size beauty is all about.

27th April 2006, 15:42
<br>Although some have noted that Crystal appears a tad thin in other recent campaigns, her Torrid ad/cover series continues to yield one stunning image after another. The current Torrid cover, seen below, is one of Crystal's best images of late, and directs the viewer's gaze to the allure of her soft, full arms.

And be sure to follow the link below as well, which shows Kelsey Olson modelling a gorgeous, new, one-shoulder Torrid top. The one-shoulder style is an especially attractive manner of framing the fuller female figure, and Christina Schmidt has been known to wear this style herself (as seen in the <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=15" target="_blank">screen captures </a> of a behind-the-scenes video of the model rehearsing scenes for <i>Degrassi</i>--although regrettably, she was regrettably wearing a jacket overtop). Kelsey exhibits it to perfection.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cr/torrid08.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&M=683656354&RN=204&ITEM=523232">Click here to see the irresistible one-shoulder design . . .</a>

M. Lopez
16th May 2006, 15:53
AMAZING new Torrid cover with Crystal Renn:


Whoever the photographer is, he/she really knows how to pose and shoot a model to accentuate her curves. It's remarkable how much more shapely Crystal looks in her stunning Torrid covers than in any other work she does. Every image in this series has been a "hit". Very effective expression by Crystal, too. And I love the feminine, ruffled blouse.

Between Christina Schmidt, Kelsey, and Crystal, Torrid has the most extraordinary talent roster of any company in the world.