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12th February 2006, 01:09
At last, Reitmans has unveiled its spring campaign, and the Encore page is a gorgeous Barbara Brickner gallery, all unto itself. The figure shots are all spectacular, but the image that really made me gasp was this glowing new headshot:


There is a richness about Barbara's beauty these days that she's never had before.

It's also wonderful to see Barbara back on the cover page of the main Reitmans site, in rotation with two other models. This is one of the company's best campaigns ever. Check it out:


M. Lopez
12th February 2006, 04:21
The campaign is every bit as beautiful as the Barbara/Reitmans collaborations always are, if not moreso. The sleeveless image is the loveliest of all, I think. The hairstyle is very pretty, and the Encore fashions are so much better than they used to be. It wasn't so many years ago that Encore was mostly dull career-wear, but now, even the basic pieces are femininine, showing some decolletage and featuring romantic details.


I also like this image because it shows that "slight rise towards the throat" which others have mentioned as a detail that gives Barbara's facial features such a youthful look:


But besides the Web images, it's definitely worth viewing the online .pdf flyer as well. Page 9 has a fun, lifestyle image of Barbara as a hairstylist (!) in which she looks especially attractive. The clothing is basic, but very form-fitting, and it shows how a truly womanly figure can make even a simple outfit look eye-popping - as long as the fit is close and curve-adoring.


12th February 2006, 13:35
Not only is it a joy to see so many beautiful new images of Barbara, but its also nice to see Nadia Pena in the Encore Petites section. Nadia has a really unique look, and Ive always appreciated the fact that she has a womanly size 14/16 figure. It would be great to see more of her too.


Between Barbara and Nadia, Reitmans has the best paring of models since the days when a fuller-figured Valerie was part of the campaigns. I admire this company for doing as much as any single retailer can to promote plussize beauty, and in a truly positive way.


13th February 2006, 00:08
<br>When one stops to think about it, it's simply amazing how much Reitmans has contributed to the cause of size celebration. Magazines have come and gone, over the years, but this company has resolutely produced gorgeous campaigns in the best <i>Mode</i> spirit--and by doing so, has persuaded countless individuals that plus-size beauty is <i>true</i> beauty. And if anything, those campaigns--like Barbara's allure--have become more exciting with every season.

Nadia makes a wonderful new addition to the Reitmans gallery. And even in Keicia's images, note that the company has not constrained the model's waist, but has allowed it to look naturally shapely. This is the progressive direction in which plus-size modelling is currently heading--i.e., showing the world that <i>all</i> womanly curves are beautiful; not just the traditional signifiers of attraction, but also generous midriffs, full arms, a "slight rise towards the throat," etc. These are traits that artists venerated in paintings throughout the centuries, and it is encouraging to see a reawakened appreciation for these markers of feminine beauty.

The new series is stunning both in terms of the number of images offered, and in their quality. Here is a cropped version of the lifestyle photograph that Ms. Lopez praised. How true that the snug, body-conscious fit of the attire is what makes this ensemble so appealing. Add to that the opulent allure of Barbara's features, and that attractive hairstyle (with those strategically-straying wisps of hair), and the result is a lesson in how a damsel can appear a full-fledged goddess, even in a domestic setting. The timeless beauty shines through.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/br17.jpg"></center><p>And here is a link to an e-mail circular that Reitmans released today, to accompany this new campaign. One of the images varies from its counterpart in the current Encore gallery, while the rest are identical:<p>- <a href="http://www.elabs3.com/functions/message_view.html?mid=1154898&mlid=44386&siteid=17002&uid=eb96582c6c" target="_blank">Click here to view the e-mail flyer</a><p>Applause--standing ovation--for everyone involved in the making of this gorgeous new campaign.

15th February 2006, 06:18
A copy of the flyer was included with my newspaper this morning -- which I love, because it means that many other Canadians are waking up to a vision of true beauty as well. The Encore section is always prominently tagged.

There have been so many articles recently debunking the myth that dieting is beneficial, and showing that it's actually better for a woman's body to be fuller figured, but really, all that anyone needs to do is to see how Barbara looks in this campaign. She is the very picture of health. She has a look that says, "I've been living well." Between that, and the fact that all of the clothes look so perfect on her, she is the ultimate argument against any thin-centric myths about size and beauty.


With all of the great advertising that the Reitmans companies do, I really wish they would pool their campaigns and put out a magalog once or twice per year -- headlined by the Encore line, of course...

3rd March 2006, 18:38
You know, there have been many great campaigns this spring. But the ones that have still inspired me the most, I think, are the ones with Barbara - this series for Reitmans, as well as her Mode-like Happy Size campaign.

More than ever, Barbara has the definitive, classical, curvaceous figure. She is the textbook definition of a plus-size model/goddess. And she has a way of looking relaxed and comfortable with herself that is uniquely her own. Somehow, she becomes more inspiring every time she appears before the camera.

I especially like this image from the spring campaign. If every woman could feel as gorgeous and satisfied with herself as Barbara looks in this photo, I think half of all our problems would be over.


Barbara really deserves a thank you from every curvy woman who has ever seen her work, for helping give them the freedom to love themselves, the way they deserve - no matter how many messages the media delivers to the contrary.