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M. Lopez
14th February 2006, 06:16
Laura Plus has now released its spring campaign, along with a beautiful video of Liis at the photo shoot.

The images vary Some of the clothing isn't too exciting, and the setting is unremarkable, but the best image is probably this one, which is very nice:


I like the fact that they shot Liis with a naturally curvy waistline. This is a great trend in plus, and I hope it continues. The days of "flaws" and that kind of thinking are finally over - and it's about time. All womanly curves are beautiful, as others have stated on this forum.

Here's the URL of the campaign:


But even though it has an icon that links to the behind-the-scenes video, the screen size has been compressed on the designated video page. It looks much sharper and clearer in full size, at the following link:


The video is great. Liis always looks so graceful and elegant in these segments. Her movements are so soft and regal and fluid, and she has that "I'm a goddess" look, which really works for her. She's fascinating to watch as a model, and I think the video promotes the clothing even better than the still images do.

1st March 2006, 19:50
<br>The Laura Plus campaigns have been somewhat conservative in recent seasons, but Liis herself has added two remarkable new test images to her portfolio that are very much worth enthusing about.

First, here is an enchanting headshot that gives her a tantalizingly delicate, feminine look, and shows off the roundness of her facial features, as well as her soft shoulders. Captivating expression, too. For a goddess such as Liis, the advantage of keeping her hair long is that she can always tie it back, whenever she would like to display her lovely face, and then, she can always unbind it and let it cascade loosely over her shoulders, when she wishes to adopt a more all-out sensual look. This is altogether one of Liis's prettiest images.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/liis/new01.jpg"></center><p>And here is a figure shot in an admirably fitted skirt that alluringly displays Liis's hourglass shape. Above all, goddesses should avoid the "flat" look when adopting styling choices, and instead, select close-fitting attire that accentuates the exquisite roundness of their curves--of <i>all</i> of their curves.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/liis/new02a.jpg"></center><p>But to come back to Laura Canada, the greatest strength of the company's promotions remain their brief videos, which not only present Liis in such an alluring way (placing her on the video equivalent of a pedestal--an honour that she so richly deserves), but also do an excellent job of showcasing the company's apparel. It is a wonder that more retailers haven't adopted this marketing strategy. In the future, though, we have no doubt that they will.<p>- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/Liis_Home.htm" target="_blank">The original Liis tribute pages</a>