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23rd February 2006, 08:16
I just found this online, and had to share. Its appears to be the official press release for Charlotte Coyles "Beauty Reborn" event! It sounds SO exciting!

The text reads:

A Beauty Contest for Voluptuous Women

Beauty Reborn is one woman's attempt to redefine the beauty contest in the 21st century.

Plus size model Charlotte Coyle wants to persuade the world that big can be beautiful and that you don't need to be a size 10 to be successful, fashionable and sexy.

She's trawled Britain to bring together 12 beautiful women, between size 16 and 26, for a beauty contest extravaganza to be held at London's Cafe de Paris on March 5th.

Charlotte's brought together some of the biggest names in fashion and beauty including Daniel Galvin, Benefit Cosmetics, designers Anna Scholz and Elena Miro and high street giants Marks and Spencer to back her event. Top magazines and newspapers are already committed to covering the contest, and the winner can expect a fabulous prize.

For Charlotte, the contest is the chance to kick-start a campaign to see real women over a size 16 represented in the media and catered for by the high street.

Charlotte hopes the retail and magazine industry will wake up to the needs of women over a size 16 and start to recognise that big really can be beautiful.

There is even a poster included on the page. I wish it showed Charlotte in a full Moulin-Rouge-like outfit, but still, it sounds like its going to be an AMAZING event - everything we have all been hoping for! Those lucky Brits.......


Here is a link to the page with the original P.R.:


23rd February 2006, 11:29
<br>All of the information pertaining to this event has been uniformly positive, and if anything, our expectations for a truly groundbreaking program on behalf of timeless beauty have only increased.

And how interesting to note the contest's precise size range. Many European clients (<i>too</i> many) still restort to using faux-plus models to exhibit their wares. Therefore, to hear that this competition will <i>begin</i> at a U.K. size 16, and will venture into yet-curvier territory, is truly encouraging. Let's hope that this will finally persuade British and continental companies to feature true plus-size models in their promotions.

But the most exciting aspect of <i>Beauty Reborn</i> is still the opportunity that it will afford to see Charlotte Coyle herself, live and in person, and even to attend a celebration at the Café de Paris with her and the show's contestants, after the scheduled activities. Something like this has never happened before--and it may never happen again.

Some tickets are still available from:

<a href="http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user?query=search&region=xxx&category=misc&search=beauty+reborn">www.ticketweb.co.uk</a>

Oh, to be in England on March 5th . . .

Part of Charlotte's unforgettable Torrid series:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cc/charlotte06.jpg"></center>

24th February 2006, 12:01
Here's another great news item about the Beauty Reborn show. This is from a Derry newspaper, which according the article is Charlotte's home town.

The link is here:


but I'll also post the text below. The most exciting new information is that - get this - the show will be on prime time in England! And I remember reading from the previous thread about this show that Channel 4 is Britain's top TV station, so this basically means that every week, everybody who is watching TV in the U.K. will discover that plus-size beauty looks like Charlotte Coyle - like a plus-size model; like a goddess - and not like those demeaning images that the media has presented up to now.

Okay, I'm a believer. This is not just another publicity even. This really will be the rebirth of true beauty!


Derry Girl Wins Primetime Airing For 'Beauty Reborn'

By Ellen Doherty

Friday 24th February 2006

Derry model Charlotte Coyle has landed the coveted 9pm primetime slot on Channel 4 for the airing of her new documentary 'Beauty Reborn'.

Charlotte has been travelling throughout the UK over the past few months in search of the next plus size model and her search has been recorded by a Channel 4 film crew.

The search has now been narrowed down to twelve women, all between size 16 and 26 and all hoping to turn what is considered a size conscious fashion industry on it's head.

Charlotte has brought together some of the biggest names in fashion and beauty including Daniel Galvin, Benefit Cosmetics, designers Anna Scholz and Elena Miro and high street giants, Marks and Spencer to back her event.

Top UK magazines and newspapers are already committed to covering the contest and the final event, filmed by Channel 4, will take place in London's Cafe de Paris, next Sunday, 5th March.

It's been a hectic few months for Charlotte, originally from Derry's Academy Road, who says that she's now adapted to being in front of the camera.

"I was really nervous and unsure at first, but I just had to get on with it. Now I'm fine, but it is a lot of hard work."

Charlotte went on to say that changing perceptions in the industry was her top goal. She said: "For me the contest is the chance to kick-start a campaign to see real women over a size 16 represented in the media and catered for by the high street.

Following in the footsteps of Jamie Oliver's campaign to transform school dinners, I hope the retail and magazine industry will wake up to the needs of women over a size 16 and start to recognise that big really can be beautiful."

Charlotte told the Journal that although it's been a busy time for her personally, she hopes it will be worth it in the end.

"I am getting a wee bit stressed at this point about the final event but I'm hoping everything will go well at the on the night. I'm determined to work really hard to make next Sunday the best night ever."

Although she has spent recent weeks attending a number of high profile events including London Fashion Week and fashion events in America, Charlotte is keen to drum up support for her show here at home "I'm hoping that lot's of people will come along to Cafe de Paris and would love to welcome anyone from Derry who's interested."

26th February 2006, 12:26
In the previous thread about Beauty Reborn, someone linked to a page at www.soesteem.co.uk. That site now has a contest going whereby readers can win two tickets to the event. I'd gladly enter, if I was on that side of the Atlantic:

http://www.soesteem.co.uk/im/Beauty%20Reborn%20e%20mail%20flyer.jpg http://www.soesteem.co.uk/Competition.htm

Actually, it seems to be a nice little site. It has a new feature about Exelle, a Dutch plus-size company that is going to start selling its wares in the U.K. coming this fall. It even has a preview of the collection/campaign online, modelled be Linda Caffa. European clients are just beginning to exhibit the influence of the New Femininity, so these styles are at least a step forward. (If you view the current line at the company's site, exelle.nl, you'll see how much progress they've made. Frumpiness is just now starting to disappear in plus-size fashion in Europe.)

http://www.soesteem.co.uk/im/exelleaw_d.jpg http://www.soesteem.co.uk/im/exelleaw06_b.jpg


1st March 2006, 12:46
<br>The press release now also appears <a href="http://www.newwoman.co.uk/life/story.asp?id=400" target="_blank">here</a>, at the online site of <i>New Woman</i> magazine, which is the equivalent of <i>Glamour</i> in Britain. In addition to the text posted earlier in this thread, the latest edition of the press release adds that<p><blockquote><i>Charlotte's battle to stage the contest has been followed by a Channel 4 documentary team, who will also be filming at the final event. The resulting programme will screen in the channel's high profile 9pm slot.</i></blockquote><p>No matter how many official notices appear pertaining to this show, it still seems like a fragment of heaven on earth--like the kind of media event that could only take place in an ideal world. And yet, it is <i>really happening</i>--and what's more, it's happening <i>this Sunday.</i>

We have long predicted the coming of a modern-day Renaissance of timeless feminine beauty, but with this event (and the TV program of which it is a part), that dream may soon become a reality.

Charlotte--changing public ideals of beauty, one TV screen at a time . . .<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cc/charlotte30.jpg"></center>

3rd March 2006, 07:16
It just occurred to me that March 5th, the date of the show, is the same night as the Academy Awards. And I've never had LESS of a reason to watch the Oscars than this year. Unless Christina Schmidt does a turn on the red carpet, there's not a single actress likely to show up who will look glamorous, gorgeous, and curvy. Instead, we'll probably see a lot of "desperate house-corpses". (Not to mention the fact that not a single nominated film is even remotely watchable, let alone award-worthy.)

I hope Beauty Reborn is a taste of things to come, and will show what celebrity of the events of the future will look like - when full-figured femininity has the spotlight all to itself. With her Anita-Ekberg looks, Charlotte represents the kind of beauty that Hollywood has forgotten. True beauty.

I just wish I could be there.......