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24th February 2006, 17:25
<br>Ladies and gentlemen, plus-size beauty just leapt forward at least a decade. And that fabled ritual known as the American Prom will never be the same.

The incredible Kelsey Olson just shot a major campaign for none other than Torrid.com.

And what, you may ask, was she modelling?

That's right. Prom dresses. Sexy, sensual, sensational prom dresses. And the world has never seen a prom princess as breathtaking as the ravishing Miss Olson.

Courtesy of Torrid's brilliant photographer Michael Anthony Hermogeno (<a href="http://www.8x10proofs.com/places/" target="_blank">www.8x10proofs.com</a>), who duplicates the magic of his recent revolutionary series with Christina Schmidt, here are two outtakes from the session that show that Kelsey is a serious contender not only for the title of the most gorgeous plus-size model in the industry--but also the most brilliant at posing.

First, here is a sizzling, seductive glance that more than earns her that well-chosen tiara,<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid05.jpg"></center><p>and second, here is a wilder expression--for all of you whose teen years are times of fierce rebellion.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid06.jpg"></center><p>Kelsey shows us her sweeter side on the actual product pages--because after all, prom is an unforgettable night for good girls and bad girls alike. But whatever a prom-goer's disposition, she is sure to melt the heart of her date (and of every other fellow in the room) in a strapless, sleeveless gown such as this, which displays her curvaceous arms and shoulders. Torrid gives this item the rather amazing name, <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&M=1421859962&RN=777&ITEM=573708" target="_blank">Hot Kiss Black Lace Tube Puff Dress</a>--the first adjective of which is expressly meant to apply to the model who is wearing it:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid01c.jpg"></center><p>Kelsey is at her softest, prettiest best in showing off the <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&M=1421859962&RN=777&ITEM=515794" target="_blank">Geranium Pink Lace Halter Dress</a> (but she is all the more seductive for that reason). Some of our readers were just asking about lace dresses in another post, and here we see just how gorgeous romantic lace looks on a model who possesses timeless beauty such as Kelsey's. Miss Olson has one of the most attractive figures in the industry--soft and natural, rather than hyper-aerobicized--and consequently, the dress seems to have been tailor-made expressly for her. And with that demure expression and flowing blonde hair, she embodies the "angel-come-to-Earth" look better than any other model in the industry.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid02b.jpg"></center><p>Finding a middle ground between sweet and seductive, here is a <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&M=1421859962&RN=777&ITEM=509570" target="_blank">Black Lace Waist Tank Dress</a> that emphasizes the model's curvaceous midriff. Kelsey gives us just a touch of flirt here, in keeping with the coy allure of the dress, with its vintage lace and tulle details. The abbreviated length is sure to make it popular with any vixens who possess legs as shapely as Kelsey's.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid04b.jpg"></center><p>And finally, here is the dress that we saw in Kelsey's "rebellious" image, above, dubbed the <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&M=1421859962&RN=777&ITEM=507652" target="_blank">Black And Reed Green Triple Tier Dress</a>. But note how Miss Olson completely changes the effect of the outfit by offering a warm and gentle expression instead. In fact, one might read these two images in reverse sequence, which this being the first, showing the demeanour that a prom-goer might exhibit at the beginning of the big night, and the wilder image being the second, reflecting her change in attitude as the evening progresses, from earthbound cherub to unbridled temptress . . .<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid03c.jpg"></center><p>In her first major campaign, Kelsey has proven to be an even more exciting and gorgeous model than we ever dreamed possible. Mr. Hermogeno once again brings out the best in the model, as he did with Christina Schmidt, allowing her to evoke a dizzying range of expressions from sweet and innocent, to dangerously alluring. And Torrid deserves limitless praise for once again capitalizing on the best and brightest young talent in the industry, and presenting these goddesses to the public.

After seeing such images, who could dare disagree that plus-size beauty is true beauty? And what young Torrid girl could ever have qualms, even for a moment, about attending her prom--where she is sure to be the belle of the ball?

24th February 2006, 18:50
I am in love with these pictures. The first image in particular is my favorite, because it captures what this event is really all about. We never had an actual prom at my school, it was just called a "grad", but it was the same thing, from the dress to the limo to the parties. It was a great night. The way Kelsey looks in that top picture tells it all - it's about being a demure princess and a wild party animal, all in the same night. That photo should be the cover of a prom mag for plus sizes.

For the type of dress, I believe in strapless/sleeveless, but I have to admit, I like the way the pink lace looks on Kelsey. It's her fair complexion that makes it work, and of course that perfect figure. And I love these hairstyles, especially in the Hot Kiss picture. She reminds me of Shannon Marie. SO pretty.

25th February 2006, 03:17
I think Kelsey is GORGEOUS. I love that first picture too. She has a look that says "I know I'm a princess. What are you gonna do about it?" The pouty expression is great, and the tiara was the crowning touch. heh heh. The pink looks good, but my favourite is the green dress in the first pic. That's got more of prom look. I don't just think of the rest as prom gowns but nice dresses for any special occasion. Great necklaces.

25th February 2006, 07:25
My god, Kelsey is so amazing! Seeing her in these images, with all their energy and beauty, just shows how much the plussize industry has missed by basically ignoring the junior-plus market until recently, with Torrid. Kelsey still looks slim, but because her figure is so natural, she has more of a true plus look than many models her size. I agree with all of the enthusiasm about her. That top picture shows how talented she is at creating just the right pose for the occasion, and the dress looks perfect on her. And Kaitlynn is also right that the baby-pink color of the dress looks best on a milky complexion like hers. Nice hairstyle in that picture too, because when you go to the prom, you want your hair looking long and beautiful - but at the same time, you need to pin it in some way, to make it easier to dance.

Just a technical point, but I would have also liked to see the dresses from the back view.

And I wish Torrid had done a complete editorial/layout with Kelsey in these dresses, in some kind of great location - like a bridal layout, or maybe a themed series, showing the whole night of the prom, from the limo to the dance to afterwards.

M. Lopez
27th February 2006, 12:01
All I can say is, I wish I'd had models as beautiful as Kelsey and Christina Schmidt to view as aspirational icons, when I was of a prom-going age. The way in which they pose states, point blank, that "We're just as beautiful - no, more beautiful - than any malnourished waifs." Even though my teen years are behind me, I still find them inspirational. Lovely dresses, and Kelsey's pose is the top photo is purrrrrrrfect.

28th February 2006, 14:20
<br>Torrid has now added another exciting image of Kelsey, in what they dub a <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&M=1421859962&RN=777&ITEM=527271" target="_blank">Reed Green Sequined Hanky Hem Tube Dress</a>. This colour has proven very popular, and the strapless, sleeveless style is ideally suited to her curvaceous figure. <i>Any</i> style would look good on the gorgeous Miss Olson, but the strapless look surpasses them all. It was created with goddess expressly in mind.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid07b.jpg"></center><p>Miss Olson is the prom date of everyone's dreams, and any waif who ever hoped to win the tiara of Prom Queen may as well stay home, if she finds out that Kelsey (or any other voluptuous vixens) will be attending her school's big event . . .

28th February 2006, 21:46
All I can say is, I wish I'd had models as beautiful as Kelsey and Christina Schmidt to view as aspirational icons, when I was of a prom-going age. The way in which they pose states, point blank, that "We're just as beautiful - no, more beautiful - than any malnourished waifs." Even though my teen years are behind me, I still find them inspirational. Lovely dresses, and Kelsey's pose is the top photo is purrrrrrrfect.
So do I- I also wish Torrid had been around when I had gone to my senior prom- since it was only 4 years ago, I assume Torrid existed, but there were none where I lived until about two years ago. I had to settle for a dress that was pretty, but I wished it had been a little more revealing. All the other girls had lower necklines, thin straps, no straps, halter-style, etc.

2nd March 2006, 10:21
<br>Here are some more amazing new images in Kelsey's acclaimed Torrid prom series.

First, and loveliest of all, here is the <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&ITEM=527270" target="_blank">Reed Green Glitter Empire Waist Tube Dress</a> that Kelsey modelled in her well-deserved tiara, in the top image in this thread. Except for the reed-green tube dress, posted earlier, this design shows off Kelsey's curvaceous figure better than any other, and would make an unforgettable impression in any formal setting:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid09b.jpg"></center><p>Next, we are once again treated to the sweeter side of Kelsey again in a <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&M=683656354&RN=777&ITEM=530379" target="_blank">Silver Glitter Corkscrew Dress</a> that is perfect for plus-size prom-goers, as it shows off their generous decolletage in a way that will make underweight rivals fume with envy.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid10b.jpg"></center><p>Although she is best known for her pouty, alluring expressions, this image of Torrid's <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&M=683656354&RN=777&ITEM=579274" target="_blank">Black Beaded Split Panel Satin Gown</a> shows just how pretty a smile Kelsey can adopt, when the occasion calls for it. She evokes the goddess Hebe in this image, flushed with health and vitality. Note the stunning earrings.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid11b.jpg"></center><p>Blacks and browns may not be instinctive colour-choices when selecting prom gowns, but Kelsey nevertheless makes this <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&M=683656354&RN=777&ITEM=579273" target="_blank">Brown Glitter Split Panel Satin Gown</a> look as attractive as it possibly can. In addition to the front view,<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid12b.jpg"></center><p>Torrid also offers a rare glimpse of the dress from the reverse angle--a highly-popular feature, although back views are more of an issue for halter- and lower-backed styles.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid12c.jpg"></center><p>And finally, here is Kelsey modelling another one of Torrid's popular asymmetrical-hem dresses, dubbed a <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&ITEM=527272" target="_blank">Black Embellished Shirred Tube Dress</a>. It is highly reminiscent of a style that Christina Schmidt popularized in one of her most memorable Torrid <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/christina44.jpg" target="_blank">images</a>. Christina and Kelsey have <i>perfect</i> figures for dress modelling, and vividly display just how alluring plus-size goddesses can be, in truly feminine attire.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid08b.jpg"></center><p>Kelsey hasn't hit a single false note in this, her first major campaign--and who better to stage her modelling career's "debutante ball" than Torrid? The more frequently the media sees images of Christina, Kelsey, etc. representing what full-figured girls really look like, the sooner its anti-plus stereotypes will become a thing of the past.

2nd March 2006, 20:50
The black beaded dress is really gorgeous for an evening occasion. It's like she is wearing the star-studded night sky itself.