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25th February 2006, 07:14
Its been an amazing couple of days for plussize beauty promos, hasnt it? The quality of images and models in the industry is really high, and more true full-figured models are finally achieving success.

I have an exciting new campaign to add. Christina.ca, which is the company that produced the images of the beautiful model that we saw at swimsuitsjustforus.com, has now put up its own campaign with many more images of this goddess:

http://www.christina.ca/images/fullfigure/eternal_large.jpg http://www.christina.ca/images/fullfigure/pretty_nautical_large.jpg
http://www.christina.ca/images/fullfigure/summer_dawn_large.jpg http://www.christina.ca/images/fullfigure/fancy_large.jpg

She has almost as perfect a swimsuit figure as Barbara Brickner, with full proportions all around. I especially like the image at the bottom left. For too long, the plussize industry has tried to use non-plus or faux-plus models in its swimwear promos, so this campaign represents a step in the right direction.

Here is the page at the company site:


M. Lopez
30th March 2006, 14:14
Swimsuitsjustforus.com is featuring two new images of this model that weren't there before, and that don't appear on the christina.ca site.


Whoever she is, I'm glad that this swimwear company featured her in their campaign. She helps prove that genuinely curvy women can wear any sort of bathing attire they like - and that true plus-size models can exhibit these swimsuits better than any stick figures ever could.

5th June 2006, 04:50
I found a few more images of this truly lovely model at a site called worldwideaquatics.com.


She is without a doubt the prettiest girl whose professional identity still remains a mystery. I hope someone can eventually determine her name and agency. When they do, I enthusiastically nominate her as a candidate for the survey page:


See more at: