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M. Lopez
5th March 2006, 22:27
Here's an interesting bit of news that I found on the 'net. Apparently, some people even within the medical community are so troubled by the constant fear-mongering, propaganda, and nonexistent "epidemics" that their profession (and the media) inflict on women, as relates to weight, that a group of Australian doctors has organized a conference to put a stop to these lies.

The most important point is this: when even people who are part of the medical business admit that they're selling hoaxes for the sake of profit, imagine just how widespread this practice actually is.

The link is here:


but I'll post the relevant text below:


'Slick' PR of disease mongers exposed

By Miranda Wood

March 5, 2006

NSW will host the world's first-ever conference on disease-mongering to combat the tactics used by medical companies and groups to boost medication sales.

Australian and international health experts will meet in Newcastle next month to examine the growing business of "selling sickness" and develop ethical standards for the profession.

Conference organiser Professor David Henry said the alliances between pharmaceutical companies, doctors and health groups was increasingly turning more people into patients to expand markets for medical products.

"We need to talk about this because a lot of this is going on," he said.

"We need to come up with definitions of what appropriate disease awareness and promotion is."

Professor Henry, a physician at the University of Newcastle's School of Medical Practice and Public Health, said ob**ity and sexual dysfunction were commonly exploited conditions.

"A lot of people are a bit overweight and it's probably not a major impact on their health, but quite an industry has developed around that," he said.

...Behind some of it is the idea that you should be conforming to the notion of appearance."

Professor Henry, a former member of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, said medical statistics are often distorted to help sell a product to the public...

Although the public was growing sceptical of disease-mongering, Professor Henry said pharmaceutical companies and "slick" PR messages were convincing...

7th March 2006, 09:48
<br>It's encouraging to see at least a small segment of the medical community acknowledging this problem. However, the sheer extent of the corruption means that the effectiveness of such a program will be limited.

However, at least more full-figured women may now realize that every time they surrender their hard-earned resources to the weight-control industry, they simply aid and abet their own oppressors.

The weight-loss profiteers take all of the money they trick plus-size women into surrendering to them, and use it to generate more anti-plus messages. They employ these funds to fabricate more "studies" with a predetermined outcome, then buy more advertising revenue to publicize their trumped-up "findings."

Every dollar that a curvaceous women loses to the diet/exercise industry is soon thrown directly back in her face--in the form of demeaning depictions of herself (and of women like her), in the form of fear-mongering "studies" with no basis in fact, and in the form of a mass media that refuses to acknowledge her existence.

It's hard to even think of a comparable situation, apart from the simple paradigm of a youth who first surrenders his allowance to a schoolyard bully, then has that bully humiliate him. In effect, by funding the weight-control industry, plus-size women are financing their own humiliation.

This savage cycle must end. One can only hope that in the near future, voluptuous vixens will start devoting their resources to the good things in life, to the things that brings them happiness, rather than to an industry that solely exists to make them miserable.

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