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7th March 2006, 21:27
<br>Kelsey Olson's first Torrid images (from a prom collection, no less) caused an absolute sensation at this forum, so fans of this model will be <i>thrilled</i> to see a new series of outtakes provided by photographer Michael Anthony Hermogeno (<a href="http://www.8x10proofs.com/" target="_blank">www.8x10proofs.com</a>) of Kelsey's second exciting Torrid shoot, for the company's March collection.

Here we see Kelsey return to territory that is uniquely her own, at once sweet and seductive, melding the good-girl/bad-girl personae that she created for Torrid's prom series into one alluring presence.

This strapless/sleeveless ensemble frames the soft beauty of her figure in an irresistible way. The romantic hairstyle, with her fair tresses cascading over her shoulders, is the stuff of rich fantasy--but at the same time, it is a style that any goddess can adopt in her day-to-day activities, to bring some poetry into a prosaic world. The elaborate accessories perfectly compliment Kelsey's opulent beauty, and her gentle but emotive expression rivets the viewer's attention. Even the handbag harmonizes with the overall theme, which is organic and natural--just like the model's appearance--but also appropriate for an urban setting.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid13.jpg"></center><p>For a close shot, Kelsey adopts one of her steamiest looks yet, with parted lips and a banked-down fire smouldering in her blue/grey eyes--a passion barely curbed, recalling the effect that Lillian Russell reportedly produced in her most captivating moments. Those fairy-tale tresses at once belie and adumbrate her wilder nature.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid14.jpg"></center><p>And even in a more functional photograph, a pure display of clothing, Kelsey still manages to enliven the image with her personality. The outfit may be less than remarkable, but Kelsey makes it unforgettable--with her stance, with her inimitable <i>attitude</i>--proving that a goddess can make <i>any</i> attire look gorgeous.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid15.jpg"></center><p>Kudos once again go to Mr. Hermogeno for his outstanding photography. Kelsey is quite simply one of the brightest stars in the plus-size modelling firmament, and we eagerly look forward to seeing further results from what was obviously a spectacular shoot.<p>- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey2.htm" target="_blank">Kelsey Olson galleries</a>

8th March 2006, 13:34
There are also a number of new Kelsey images in the Torrid "Tops" section. They're all pretty, but there is definitely something special about these "outtakes". Kelsey's serious/steamy expressions are even more effective than her smiling shots, and I'm glad that Torrid allows her to flirt with a little sensuality. Beautiful work.

http://www.torrid.com/store/nodePage.asp?LS=0&RN=204 (http://www.torrid.com/store/nodepage.asp?LS=0&M=683656354&RN=204&START=49&OTH=F&MG=&ITEMCOUNT=303&SB=1)

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11th March 2006, 02:00
Kelsey looks incredible in all of the pictures. She is why Torrid exists in the first place - to give gorgeous curvy girls the clothes they deserve - and she really shows them off in the best way. I especially like the way she wears this top, which has romantic details, and is a really pretty, feminine piece overall.


But the outtake with the outfit in brown is my favorite in this thread, which surprises me, because I dont usually go for brown. Maybe its just the way Kelsey presents it. Beautiful images, all of them.

18th March 2006, 21:11
<br>We would be remiss if we failed to compliment this, the most gorgeous dress that Kelsey has yet modelled for Torrid, and one of the most beautiful creations that the company has ever produced: their <a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&M=683656354&RN=777&ITEM=540826" target="_blank">Coral Cummerbund Glitter Dress</a>.

This item shows off the beauty of the model's curves better than any other offering in Torrid's prom collection, framing her decolletage in a highly attractive manner, and drawing the eye towards her curvaceous waist. The colour is feminine and festive, yet natural, and it benefits from a somewhat shorter length, which shows off the model's shapely legs. The tulle fabric is light and delicate, and yet the model's figure gives the silhouette a becoming fullness. Of all of Torrid's wonderful designs, this one says both "prom princess" and "goddess" more vividly than any other, and presents Kelsey's beauty at its most breathtaking.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid16b.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid16.jpg" target="_blank">Click here to view a larger version of the above image</a>

22nd March 2006, 22:06
I also love these beautiful brand new pictures of Kelsey. In one she is in a cute yellow tshirt

and in a " Swing Dress"

And in a Tube Dress. I like the swing dress better, but I really like this picture for inspiration, because she looks very curvy in it.


For Christina and Kelsey to be modeling for Torrid at the same time is like a dream come true for me. They are my favorite and most inspiring models my age.

M. Lopez
26th March 2006, 15:29
I don't know if everyone else has seen it or not, but there are several more of Kelsey's prom images at Torrid in a special dress feature.

These are a little different than the product pics. They include another photo of Kelsey in that cute pink dress, along with that to-die-for coral fantasy:

http://www.torrid.com/community/assets/dress_feature_08.jpg http://www.torrid.com/community/assets/dress_feature_09.jpg

It also shows the full-length version of Kelsey's popular cover from last week, which really shows off her shapely legs, as well as a black-dress image that has her looking very classy and elegant:

http://www.torrid.com/community/assets/dress_feature_10.jpg http://www.torrid.com/community/assets/dress_feature_14.jpg

And best of all is this picture, which I particularly applaud because it shows Kelsey looking especially curvy. Great job by both the model and the photographer. It's a very size-positive pose and image (and just brimming with attitude), and I'm glad that Torrid used it.


I only wish that the photos were larger, because they're some of Torrid's best ever. The whole feature is at on following page (if I can get the link right):