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18th March 2006, 03:18
I accidentally stumbled on a show called Nashville Star this evening. It's a program that's basically like American Idol, except the music being performed is country.

One of the contestants is named Monique LeCompte, and she's both full-figured and beautiful. Images are hard to find, except this one, which is hardly visible, except on a high-contrast monitor:


But there is a page about her on the show's website:


and best of all, a page that collects her video logs and performances. If you view either the "Monque LeCompte Audition" clip or the "Monque Lecompte Week 1" performance clip, you'll see that she does have a look:


It's a rare case of a pretty, plus-size performer on television...

20th March 2006, 23:23
<br>A cursory Web search turned up the following image of Ms. LeCompte in her first week's showing. (This performance is also viewable via the video link posted above.) The music itself is a matter of taste, but Monique looks wonderful, with soft facial features, and sporting a body-conscious, sleeveless dress that shows off her gorgeous arms. Her shapely figure is better revealed in the video performance.

Let's hope that she wins this competition. As Kaitlynn observes, it's an all-too-rare blessing to see an attractive, full-figured "star" (or would-be star) in the public eye.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/lecompte01.jpg"></center>