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24th March 2006, 19:01
A few years ago, Kate Winslet- who had only been slightly curvy to begin with- lost weight (and beauty), saying she needed to do so to get parts in Hollywood. It was a major disappointment to all her fans.

Well, check out this amazing her article I found today:


It says the director of her latest film wanted her to be curvier, and worried that she was too thin to be sensual, until she gained her fuller figure back!

It's so encouraging to have a director stating point blank that curvier = sexier, and thinner = not sensual. He says he wanted her "to look like a fantasy"- and that meant, fuller figured!

This is the kind of Hollywood we need......

It's short, so I'll post the whole text below:


'Romance And Cigarettes' Director Liked Kate Winslet's Curvy Figure


John Turturro begged Kate Winslet not to slim for her role in Romance And Cigarettes because her post-pregnancy curves were perfect for the part. Turturro was initially concerned Winslet was too lean to play sexy Tula, as she lacked the sensuality he wanted for the character. But once the British beauty and her director husband Sam Mendes had baby Joe in 2003, her curves returned and Turturro was delighted.

He says, "When I met her she was very thin. She'd read the script and she liked it, but I thought, 'There's nothing here, she's so small.' Then she got pregnant, and she was upset. But I said, 'No it's perfect!' We started filming after she had the baby. She tried to get in shape a little bit, but I said, 'Don't worry, it'll be really appropriate for the film.'"

He added, "I'd imagined her as someone I had a childhood crush on - I wanted her to look like a fantasy. It was good fortune and I'm thankful to Mr. Mendes!"

27th March 2006, 14:18
<br>This bodes very well for the future of size celebration. How promising to have a director making such an affirmative, pro-plus statement. To anyone living outside the bubble of Hollywood, the notion that increased sensuality is contingent upon having softer, fuller curves is axiomatic. Plus-size beauty <i>is</i> the feminine ideal--the "fantasy," as the director puts it--that dwells in the human heart. And how significant that Mr. Turturro remembers this as a fantasy from his youth--i.e., the time of life when media brainwashing has not yet overwritten essential human longings. No wonder the director actively discouraged Ms. Winslet from diminishing her beauty through food deprivation or exercise-torture.

As someone once wrote on this forum, "Don't ruin the masterpiece."

Still, as Kaitlynn points out, Kate Winslet has only ever been marginally curvy, and her bouts of beauty-diminishment have sent mixed messages to her many fans. What would have made this story even better is if the director had enlisted the services of an actress who has never minimized her curves, but has remained a perfect embodiment of the fantasy of timeless beauty throughout her career (and hopefully, always will).

The fantasy made real: Christina Schmidt, in a dramatic test image by celebrity photographer David Leyes:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/leyes02b.jpg"></center>