View Full Version : Barbara Brickner at Kohls

9th April 2006, 06:00
I just wanted to let all the Barbara Brickner fans know that besides the other places where they can find her work, she also appears in occasional flyers for Kohls in the U.S.

Sometimes the campaigns are really nice, sometimes theyre just studio shots, as in this case. But Barbaras pictures are always worth a view, even when shes modelling basics.

http://akimages.crossmediaservices.com/dyn_li/ http://akimages.crossmediaservices.com/dyn_li/

She can make anything - ANYthing - look gorgeous. And shes still the living proof that all clothing looks better on fuller, more womanly figures.


M. Lopez
14th April 2006, 11:30
Another image appears in the current Kohl's flyer:


and it's as lovely as a commercial image can possibly be. Nice top, although it would look even better matched with a skirt. I like the detail around the neck.


Whenever I see images like these in weekly circulars, I think, "My goodness, if a company like Kohl's is lucky enough to enlist the services of one of the most beautiful women in the world, then it should take the opportunity to shoot in some gorgeous location, and turn the experience into an all-out artistic event."

But even without that, I'm happy to think that however many Kohl's customers see this flyer, their image of plus-size beauty will be shaped by seeing Barbara Brickner. Who could represent us better?