View Full Version : Kate & Ashley at JMS

M. Lopez
12th April 2006, 23:34
No, not the Olsen sisters. I mean Kate Dillon and Ashley Graham.

Just My Size has been really disappointing for several seasons now. They produced some gorgeous commercials with Melissa Masi when Melissa was a size 16, but in the last few years, they've used quite a few faux-plus models, which is a real pity.

Are things getter better, though? Maybe. On the current cover, JMS allowed Ashley to look authentically plus, with a womanly midriff and all:


and if you browse the current JMS catalogue online, you'll see that image at a larger size.


Also, it may be just wishful thinking on my part, but could Kate Dillon finally be regaining some curves? I thought so in her latest images,



but again, I may just be missing the stunning Kate Dillon of the early Mode days.

At any rate, I hope this indicates progress at JMS, and that the company will adopt fuller-figured models in future advertising.