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13th April 2006, 01:50
Laura Canada just posted new images from its Summer 2006 campaign, and these are the most beautiful images of Liis I've seen in many seasons.

Not only is this the most gorgeous hairstyle she has ever worn, but one of the most beautiful hairstyles I've ever seen on anyone, anywhere. It really brings out her goddess qualities.


Talk about "voluptuous volume"! Wow, I am just so much in awe of her beauty in these images. Those tresses are thick and luxurious. She looks like she should be an empress of an exotic realm, worshipped from afar.


I hope Laura produces a video to accompany this shoot. It looks like it was photographed in a nice location too, so a video would be really pretty.


14th April 2006, 09:16
<br>Not only does Laura Canada deserve credit for bestowing such a romantic hairstyle on Liis, but its new summer fashions are uncommonly feminine, especially for a company that usually steers too far towards "career" wear.

The dress in the image below is rather attractive and figure-revealing, and the stylist created real magic by giving the model such ornate accessories. The outfit, coupled with the hairstyle, and with Liis's opulent facial features and gorgeously vain expression, all combine to create a memorable look.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/liis/laura05.jpg"></center><p>Itís too bad that the photographs are reproduced at such a diminutive size. They would look considerably more impressive if they were larger. In the following image, the sable hue of the dress compliments Liis's dark hair colour to create a look that is rather mysterious, even dangerous.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/liis/laura06.jpg"></center><p>Laura has also accompanied the campaign with a new video, although, unfortunately, only the first half shows Liis on location. Ideally, the segment would have been considerably longer, but the scenes that are included are captivating.

Kudos to Liis, and to Laura.ca, for a promotion that is artistically accomplished, and vividly feminine.<p>- <a href="http://promotions.laura.ca/Video/Plus.mov" target="_blank">Click here to view the new Liis video</a> (7Mb download)

14th April 2006, 16:37
Speaking of Liis, I happened upon the Wal-Mart (shudder!) site and noticed a familiar face promoting the spring collection of their Metro Seven line. Wal-Mart has never been the best at producing quality photos of plus-size godesses, nor is that really expected from a large mass-retail giant. So I was surprised to see fairly attractive clothing on the beautiful Liis, even though the color-tinted white background is androgynous and plain.

Here is one of the photos:

<p><center><img src="http://i.walmart.com/i/c/00/47/06/82/470682_215X215.jpg" ></center><p>

They are small photos, as is this token of true beauty from Wal-Mart. Hopefully they will continue to improve their clothing selection and their use of beautiful models.

The Wal-Mart site: