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M. Lopez
19th April 2006, 18:27
Well, if Lane Bryant does come to Canada, it will have some serious competition. All of the branches of the Reitmans family use genuinely full-figured models - and more importantly, they actually let them look plus-size (and beautiful) in their photos.

MXM and Penningtons both have summer campaigns out today. MXM's features Ashley Graham again (even though MXM is still calling her "Kate"), who is looking curvier and healthier than ever. I can't link the flash pages on the site, but here's a little image that offers a taste of the campaign. The plus-size industry is finally showing the world that all curves are beautiful, shapely midriffs and all. There's much more at the web site: http://www.mxm.ca.


And over at Penningtons, the company appears to have taken its models on a summer vacation, and photographed them in the tropics. Jeanna is there, as well as Melissa King (whom Penningtons calls "Suzanne", for some reason) is there, and Maiysha. I really like the feeling of the pictures, which is of complete relaxation, and living the good life, whether on holiday,


or in the comfort of home.

This is actually the picture that I like best of all, for mood. It's about time someone showed that a goddess can be gorgeous just lounging on a soft, plush sofa at home: More pix on the site: http://www.penningtons.com.


In their many campaigns, the Reitmans companies often show that they probably understand the Mode magic better than most. Still, it would be great to actually have a print magazine bringing it all together, between two covers.......

21st April 2006, 13:49
<br>The images from both divisions are very nice--particularly the one showing Jeanna Crawford languishing sensually on a couch--and Penningtons deserves particular credit for lauching a much more feminine and younger-themed collection for Summer 2006 than it has in past seasons. It testifies to the fact that plus-size goddesses of all ages are becoming more confident about their figures. And why shouldn't they feel this way? In most cases, a full-figured damsel looks at least ten years younger than do her underweight contemporaries, so it stands to reason that generously-proportioned women would always prefer more youthful looks, with sleeveles and decolletage-framing styles.

And here is a capture of one of the most attractive images of Ashley from the MXM site, celebrating her soft curves. The photography of all of the Reitmans branches is among the most size-positive in the industry--which understandably delights their customers no end.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/ag09.jpg"></center>

8th May 2006, 11:55
Penningtons has just put out an attractive new summer flyer, along with a host of new images, particularly of Melissa King. The pdf version of the flyer is much clearer than the regular format:


Some of the fashions are definitely more youthful-looking than they have been in the past. It's good to see. And I think it's always important to promote retailers that consistently use true plus-size models, and shoot them in a gorgeous location, as in this case with this campaign.